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  1. ..great set up..i hope the rain gods are kind to you.
  2. ..revisit Mrs. Palmer and her five daughters..forever your trustworthy companions.
  3. ..can you put in a well and pressure pump ?...i dont have any Govt water..i understand your predicament well.
  4. ..that's nice dear.
  5. ..what's in the blue bag.
  6. ...i think i will go for a 'pre-paid' bulldozer 'instead of a 'pre-paid funeral.'.and have them come in and flatten my house the day after I'm incinerated...if things go to sh*t. (PS I'm not married and don't have any dependents).
  7. slip of the tongue..our complicated language.
  8. ...neither..but it's not at all fair.
  9. ..i bet the supplier will get the use of the 'free' one...sort of ties up both ends of the South China Sea.
  10. Subway should cash in on this offer.
  11. ...her air/fun bags are fully inflated...let her off with a caution.
  12. ...now considered rude to point.