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  1. All in a days work Carnage will go on and on
  2. Looking good fro 20,000 dead what you think?
  3. Great making these rules Trouble is trying to get the police to enforce them Lol Lol Next meeting what else can we talk about
  4. Well said Sir You are so right Because those cars that are stuck halfway across the road blocking traffic have no respect for anyone Had it happen to me yesterday and man i gave him the horn treatment. Does not even sink into them Like trying to kill fleas on a dog with a glass of water Mission Impossible
  5. Sometimes i think Malaysia is worse than Thailand I dont like going there. You probly right lady but they will do nothing about it You are right they have no respect for Budddists. If the Thai government had any balls they would follow this up Wont hold my breath Next case
  6. My god i was thinking same thing Big floor space everywhere where are the staff Just absolute wastage I went to Aussie embassy In Bangkok Waited 2 hours to be served and there was nobody else waiting Millions and Millions wasted and they go to Australian public crying poor and start hitting the pensioners They are just money wasters and Embassy in New York worse Money no limit Wish the Australian public could see all this and see what the Australian government does wasting money Hold your head in shame Aussie government u are really conning the people
  7. Oh they understand the rules alright But the thing that is lacking is patience And they unfortuantly dont have any Its me me first and i dont care as long as i get there first. And when the keystone cops are around who cares. They are probly trying to beat the traffic themselves
  8. The government In Aus crying so poor no money But there always seems to be money for government stuff You can bet your life nothing will be spared on this new building Last one had a fountain inside it. Wall to wall carpet. Maybe they can join the visa service to this new building saves you going to the other building
  9. Hey it not the drivers u know lol
  10. I know one took offence because the other one called out Hey mate dont you know the road rules lol He just hit a raw nerve when he said that thats all
  11. All i can say lucky he was not feeding feeding fish more dangerous Naughty Boy go home sober up see you at work tomorrow Next time you attack a monk kill him then he cant talk OK
  12. 20 years to late The problem in Thailand is the teachers teaching English cant speak English themselves No win situation
  13. If i was a police man in Thailand and did my job like i should (ha ha ) joke time If they gave me 10 traffic breaches books every day i would have no trouble filling them all up All 10 everyday Speeding, Tailgating, No lights, No license, Unroadworthy Vehicles, Driving wrong side of Road, Drink driving, Failing to give way, going through red lights, No helmets, 4 people on a bike,Cars not registered, 15 people in the back of a pick-up, Noisey vehicles, etc etc Every bloody day i see this and nothing gets done about it. Guess the police know its a waste a of time because they dont pay there fines anyway
  14. 2 Ladies left him Cant go back to England Why? Good ridence mate u sound dogey Poor kids i feel sorry for not him
  15. Simple solution Stop smoking Dont drink much. Start walking more instead of taking car Dont go to Massage parlours Watch more TV at home with Take a ways and you should be fine