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  1. Maybe of intrest for some people finding dirt trails around chiang mai.
  2. I always hated pattaya,but after reading this i completly understand what its all about! Thx mate!
  3. Hi Guys, yesterday my fuel tank broke exactly under the metal where the screw goes in,so i think welding near to impossible. maybe anyone has a used tank for sale? thx
  4. Really?What kind of bears are living here in the north...oh my god,i gonna be scared out of my mind next time i go in the sticks...i assume the would be scared of when hearing a motorbike? ok this bears:
  5. Ahhh..crocodiles i didnt even think of them... snakes were really all i worried about...but tigers are damn scary...i thought they are only found in the south... From now on its not the "eye of the tiger",but "the eye ON the tiger" 555 Reminds me of this movie scene:
  6. Very good they rescued the.....wait....A TIGER!!!!! Dont tell me there are really tigers running around here in the north?? I ride a lot in the sticks with the motorbike,should i worry?
  7. Gonna try it tomorrow,but been to airport plaza and there are a few well stocked places but none had the adapter......
  8. They dont work with HERO5,only 3+4. The title is wrong and in the description they even state it. but thx
  9. I looked and couldnt find anything besides the original...maybe you can pm me a link? thx
  10. No,you wont find it on ebay for this price....its not a standard adapter,standard adapters dont work....the original adpter costs around 60usd and there are still no knock offs to find.
  11. U got that wright! 555
  12. Hi guys, i treated myself for christmas with a new hero5 cam and i am in need of a external microphone adapter....i been everywhere i know and cant find one in chiang mai...anybody any idaes? thx ps.its not just a standard cable,it has to be the new gopro adapter or it wont work!
  13. If you think smoking weed makes you more controlable you have clearly no idea. What you say would be an good argument for alcohol(if it was illegal,but it u realise something?? 555),but never for ganja!
  14. Hi guys, i was looking online on how to do tax/insurance renewal for my motorbike and found alot but not really detailed about hand dong land transport office. I know there is a office in nong hoi for motorbikes,but i live around the corner so i wanted it to do there. so here we go: I have a 250klx,so i dont know if the costs vary with other motorbikes. 1. Motorbike inspection Coming from chiang mai on the 108 go past the office,past makro hang dong and then uturn. On the left side after the uturn is a 7eleven,next to it is a garage for car and motorcycle inspection. Hand over green book. Took 10 minutes. COST: 60 BAHT 2. Insurance Go back to land transprt office,park your motorbike on the left,walk into the main entrance and go to the second desk on the left side. Hand over green book and old insurance. Pay your new insurance. Took 2 minutes. COST: 645 BAHT 3.TAX Go to the information desk(first desk on the left side coming from the main entrance) Hand over green book,new insurance and inspection sheet. They ll hand you a number,take a seat oppsite the desk and wait till your number get shown on the screen. Pay tax go home. Took 5 minutes. COST: 100 Baht Hope this helps somebody.peace
  15. This is a real pain in the ass in thailand. 2 years ago I switched to vaping from 40 cigs a day from one day to the other,never felt better in 20 years,i am back in thailand for 3 month and run outta liquid 2 weeks ago....back to 30 fags a a day... not to mention how cheap it is....i mixed the base(medical standard europe produced) with flavours myself...1 litre 12mg nicotine was around 60euro and lasts for 9-10 month!!!! I read that in thailand the only product for stop smoking is sold by a son of some big offical bla bla guy.....there we go! u can still vape,but the import and sale is the same as dealing with drugs! crazy world.