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  1. In the UK tesco is pretty good but their self scanning payment machines had a few glitches price wise for a bit. Here it seems tesco is being bullied out the market and their pricing is sketchy too. I liked baked beans myself and I'm not brand loyal as I like to add flavour. The price of baked beans where I am seems high and they are M.I.T. 39 baht for 1 tin. Surely that's a bit costly for baked beans of any brand.
  2. Good to see this fella taking action; for the safety of road users. Sad to see the comments about WP prohibition as true as it may be.
  3. Strange comment I mean I followed a fair few threads on koh tao problems and I never heard this. So how and what information do you believe you have that supports this remark if I may ask? For all anyone knows it could be the Russians using the island as a dead-end, it could a be a lad from Leicester but I never heard anything that seems so driven to a particular person/persons as this besides the suspect so many mention . So what's driving this info please smedly?
  4. 100% they have em identified they have got in on this a day early. All will be revealed tomorrow I am sure.
  5. Stay on topic and give us layman a clue. Stall transfer or?
  6. Do you reckon they shaved there bodies pre filming? I think guy on right is some kind of Moldovan or a mix or very neighbouring country. The fat lad with the penfold gone to cycling boot camp looks like a Yemeni to me.
  7. Just curious to know why it is being filmed and the camera is shakingoing a touch. If the camera is cctv footage how come it's moving like that. Appears to be footage made by a person. No time or date stamp on footage either and crystal clear trained on them so what's going on here?
  8. Agreed, she just lost her mother so her grieving and your feeling of rejection has maybe come at the worst time for her whilst she dealing with the loss.
  9. Maybe with her mother passing her role towards the family will differ. Added responsibilities, perhaps she inherits something?
  10. Are you serious. You insisted she get a tattoo on her back with your name? Mind me asking but what is the name?
  11. Morphine can do that.
  12. Shannon was the baddy in last Superman film and he had a tough guy role (bit part) in tiger land he was the guy who was going to electrocuted testicle "drop trow" but his best tough guy role was the Iceman. Based on real life events.