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  1. Yes-that is a very good description of what happens around here with the added proviso that they are fully aware of the ineluctable fact that they will be totally nurtured in their dysfunctional behaviour by grannies,mothers ,sisters and daughters who will feed and support the co-dependent,non working,whiskey swilling males for their entire lives.
  2. The mobile phone (cellular phone) will be the salvation of this country.It may take 20 years-but salvation it will be as they emerge blinking from their incarceration in 15th century Transylvania,.Then I hope the women will give the Thai males the flogging that they deserve-or drop them in the Marianas Trench-whichever the women prefer...
  3. Yes,it is wrong on so many levels,The danger of the anonymous internet personality I presume. We have all had our say, so why cannot we leave the poor man in peace and his family to grieve in their own private space?
  4. In terms of where I live it means that you are off your turf and you are in danger,especially if you are travelling alone. I have been receiving a crash course in survival from the local mini-mart owners with whom I have a reasonably good relationship because I often stop and talk to their son who has a diagnosis of schizophrenia. This is how you carry your bag.This is where you can go.This area is no good...etc.They have become more emphatic in their advice over the last 6 months as the area sinks into poverty and xenophobia and the "safe" territory has suitably diminished to the size of a pocket handkerchief. The chief operating personality defense mechanisms around here are:Denial (it wasn't me)Projection (it was you) and Displacement (I have to stomp somebody) which is what you usually get in repressed societies heavily reliant on drugs and alcohol to make it thru the day.
  5. Thank you for your post. It places a fellow human being behind the story. RIP Mr Railton.
  6. I can't figure it out either. My wife informs me that her father was an alcoholic who destroyed the family business and reduced them to a life of penury and then died at a comparatively young age of cirrhosis of the liver.She then goes on to say very proudly that 500 people turned up to his funeral and how well respected he was! Nevertheless he certainly has left his mark on a family that has more than its fair share of raging alcoholics.
  7. Indeed. I walked away from one very scary situation. In the other one I actually stood my ground but was then asked by the shopkeeper to go and not to return as that particular gang owned that neighbourhood and I was off my turf.It is a fact of life around here-for everyone.
  8. "Thailand needs to turn this around quickly!" No they won't.Violence is rife in these villages.A mendicant monk was brutally slain here on the weekend.Most of these incidents never make it to the national news.There are not enough jails in Asia to house these offenders if the law followed Western principles of justice.
  9. There are hordes of these young Thai males roaming about the cluster of villages where I live.They are unemployed and unemployable,and their behaviour is usually fuelled by YaBa and or cheap whiskey,You would not want to have a fight with any one of them because at least twenty would show up within 5 minutes.I have seen this happen. After stomping your head in all their parents would testify that they were such nice boys and it was all your fault.The parents around here basically lose control (that is,if they ever had any control) of their male offspring at about the age of 13-15 which is about the same age their female offspring start getting pregnant.
  10. Good for you-and your lady. All the very best to you both.
  11. "The fox went out on a chilly night and prayed for the moon to give him light.."
  12. Stockholm Syndrome-that's how they do it.
  13. There have been 2 nasty accidents and one particularly gruesome murder of a mendicant monk where I live over the weekend.I expect none of the incidents to make the national news.I drive past the spot where the poor monk met his end every time I drive to the 7-11.
  14. All the very best for the future to you-thaibeachlovers.