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  1. "Also to note that no Portuguese authority, in Chiang Mai or Bangkok, was contacted by the Police..." How do you know that?
  2. "For certain I can't support mine." Dead right you can't!
  3. Wouldn't want the little angels to get wet now would we?
  4. Americans are more "men" than those in Phuket is what you must (mistakenly) mean, yes?
  5. See the irony of your "longer thread" post?
  6. So what makes you say that he is a police officer, or someone in authority, which is what is usually meant by those using the expression referring to a country's "finest".
  7. ...duh.. no, there doesn't have to be more to it.
  8. AFTA doesn't abolish import duty on personal items, if it did you wouldn't have been charged duty on three of your purchases surely?
  9. It didn't crash into the central reservation it crashed into a car coming in the opposite direction on the other side of the carriageway.
  10. A real Man"? A real man wouldn't be seen dead on one! Why would import tax not be payable on imports from China?
  11. She wasn't refused entry, she had an alternative and she entered the only legal way she could have! Immigration can refuse if a Thai tries to enter using a passport that hasn't left the country.
  12. She wasn't refused entry 'because she was using a Thai passport', she was refused entry on a Thai passport that showed that she had not left the country, she had her UK passport that she was not refused entry with.
  13. Did you successfully privately import a car from UK? Can you detail how that went, a lot of us would be very interested in view of the general Thaivisa notion that importing is as near as damn it impossible? "How pissed-off was I that I got my 'proper' plate before a red plate was issued!" Red plates are normally dealer-issued temporary plates, aren't they, but you say that your import had one ('999') issued after the LTD issued the permanent plate? Why did the LTD do that?