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  1. Frankly you can shove Pattaya Songkran where the sun don't shine, I tried it once many years ago, it was a novelty the first time around, now I avoid it like the plague, far too many ignorant idiots about who think it's funny to soak people going to work or going home after a hard days graft. It would be nice to go back to the original reason and time frame (about 3 days) of what this festival is all about, I have in the past buggered off to other countries to avoid the sheer stupidity of it all, and I have also experienced it up country where the true meaning is still adhered to. This year we will go shopping just before it kicks off, get the supplies in and batten down the hatches for the duration, we will venture out on the Dark Side for meals and to see friends but as far as going into town is concerned - No chuffing way
  2. I don't give a monkeys cuss where they come from, I just hope that they get caught and are punished accordingly.
  3. Give it 18 months and there will be casino's all over Thailand
  4. I wouldn't wanna be on board when Som Tam or some other smelly dish is on the menu thank you very much. And do they squat toilets or hong nam Europe ? Just wondering, that's all.
  5. Apparently he is residing in Malaysia, a few miles out on that one.
  6. Yeah, I did read the whole thing, there was a certain amount of sarcasm attached to my post with regard to the convicted Pedo, like you I have no idea as to why he can't return to the UK, and his previous history doesn't look good either and I do feel for the kids, I hope that the authorities look kindly on him but I won't be holding my breath, he should really have learnt a lesson by now and behave himself.
  7. This is so easy to solve, go home to the UK, change your name by deed poll, get new passport and return to LoS, if a convicted Pedo can do it anyone can
  8. I'll ask the Mrs to keep an eye on this one, Chanthaburi is where she hails from so she knows a few folks in the area. I always thought it was a nice sleepy sort of place, just shows how wrong you can be. RIP to the victim. The vile underbelly of the real Thailand, never let your guard down.
  9. Hmmm, Strange, I'm pretty sure I read somewhere quite a while back that there were NO Mafia in Pattaya, it was in one of the local rags and spouted by either the Chief of Police or head honcho in immigration. And yes I am very miffed that no Brits were arrested
  10. This is how we do it the Philippines old chap, drug traffickers, dissenters, One Squad fits all.
  11. Freedom for Tooting
  12. But then again, with the Tony Kenway murder, they have a body, suspects etc etc, that also has gone very quiet, scratches head, shakes head, scratches nuts and moves on.
  13. This case has gone suspiciously quiet. Have the BIB given up ?
  14. Sorry if this has been raised already, ( I got to page 3 and this came into my head) When they say renewal, do they mean changing the 1 year licence for the 5 year version ? That might make more sense, rather than every 5 years you have to shell out 6 k. Just a thought. It could also go the way of the tracking SIM card, into file B1n Okay back to page 3 and carry on reading.
  15. Is this a private conversation or can anyone join in