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  1. This is basically a follow up from a previous post on my damaged passport. I have the forms from the embassy / UK visa centre to order a new passport to Thailand - can anyone help me on the below?....... - What should I do about the countersignatory section? There is nobody I know in Thailand for more than a year, and the oldest friends I have here do not have a UK, US, EU, European or Commonwealth passport as prefered. Would I be able to email a copy of the form completed by me (apart from the countersignatory section) to a suitable counter signer in the UK for them to fill in, or would this not be accepted. - The form gives me the choice of a) including my uncancelled passport or giving details of a lost or stolen passport. I am stuck in the middle with this - my old (damaged) passport has now been cancelled (with the corners snipped off), and I have an emergency passport, which i don't want to send as it leaves me without ID. Should I send my old passport and explain that it was cancelled when I obtained my emergency passport? ... aware i could ask this at the visa centre, but if anyone can help it would be better to have my forms filled in when I go back. Cheers!
  2. Looking for place to watch Chelsea vs United tonight... any ideas? 2.45am kick off....
  3. There is a world championship boxing match taking place in Chon Buri tomorrow (classic boxing, not Muay Thai). Does anywhere know which Chon Buri venue this is likely to take place in, and what time? I can't find anything online. I have watched videos from Chon Buri before and it looks like they are held in the day time ?!? but maybe I'm wrong. I'm a big boxing fan so don't want to miss it... also going to the flyweight world title fight in BKK at the weekend if anyone is interested?
  4. ...it's fair enough, ive been using my dj name instead of real name and someone with no life reported me. I read somewhere that there are special circumstances in which they will allow it, providing you can prove people refer to you by that name and you are not selling anything... But i need to contact Facebook somehow, does anyone know of any customer service function / phone number / email, as so far ive just drawn blanks on the web.... Cheers
  5. I need to make some.. but after a few traumas in the past am not inclined to use my mobile ($$$$). Anyone know an internet cafe type place in this city that will charge a reasonable rate for overseas calls? Cheers
  6. I need to make some.. but after a few traumas in the past am not inclined to use my mobile ($$$$). Anyone know an internet cafe type place in this city that will charge a reasonable rate for overseas calls? Cheers
  7. Thanks... Thats from the time you apply at the visa centre in bkk? Or from the time they recieve application in UK?
  8. Uploaded the pic.. What do we think guys? I can show the stain on page behind to prove it got wet and hasnt been tampered with..... Also all the laminated details are fine, just pic thats damaged....
  9. Somehow it got wet and from the bottom of my nose down is quite faded distorted. I just left Thailand but intend to return in couple of weeks. Going out through the Thai land border they advised i might have some trouble coming back in by land, but that by air should be Ok. Any ideas of usual Thai authorities attitude towards this? And are there any step i can take to address the problem (save going back to UK!)
  10. Was planning to get a 30 day extension to my tourist visa on monday (day it expired) but the office was closed for fathers day. i have left it too late today and because of the floods in samui i have arrived too late. Will go to the office first thing tomorrow, but does anyone know the offices policy with regards to if i will have to pay fine, and any other penalties? Many thanks
  11. The one in Terminal 21 doesn't seem to exist any more. Any ideas on if Utd have a shop or megastore anywhere?
  12. Last tracking info said it was in BKK v early yesterday morning, so would have thought it would have got here by now? It is coming with DHL.
  13. I'm waiting for a courier delivery, thought it might have come yesterday, but is there any chance of a Saturday delivery in Thong Sala? Cheers
  14. +1 Ando's Burger is quality as well.