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  1. My girl is in Bangkok and told me earlier that it's been raining there today.
  2. I actually had no problem getting attractive girlfriends in America. And I never came to Thailand to find love. I went to Thailand to reunite with an old Marine Corps buddy I hadn't seen in 33 years that lives there. His fiancé just happened to have a best friend and we all hung out together and well, the rest is history. To be honest, I find Filipinas more attractive than Thai woman and if I was going somewhere to look for love it would have been there, having been stationed in Subic Bay back in the 80s and falling in love with the place. But I wouldn't trade my little Thai girl for any other. I found a gem there and she beats any girl in any country to me. After reading most of these comments, I'd say there are all types of girls in Thailand, just like any other country and you can't stereotype them or generalize about them. There are good and bad views of them in this forum. I can say that I enjoy the personality of the Thai girl over the American women who seem to want to control guys and boss them around. I'm kind of old school and that doesn't work well for me. I'd say if you like them, date them. If you don't, stick to prostitutes. Everyone is happy!
  3. I'll be in Thailand April 8-22. I want to plan a trip to Koh Lipe during that time. Does anyone know if they play water games on the islands like they do in the city during Songkran? I don't know whether to head there during Songkran or stay in Bangkok and wait until it's over. I also am staying by Asok station in Bangkok.
  4. She was a supermodel? Mmmmk.
  5. That's not been my experience.
  6. That's exactly what my girl does and makes, and as a Thai she barely makes ends meet, and I doubt a foreigner could live as lean as a Thai.
  7. Whenever I read stories like this I wonder if it was some poor guy that fell in love with a bar girl and found out she was doing it with other guys. (gasp) and did himself in or maybe his bar girl's boyfriend gave him a shove off the balcony and then took his money. I personally have never been so drunk I'd fall of the balcony. I know it could happen and does, but the frequent fliers in Thailand give one a pause to ponder.
  8. Kind of sounds like the OP wants some retribution from his ex through her friend. That's the impression I got anyway.
  9. My girl told me she'd cut my dick off, too. Must be a normal Thai girl thing. But I don't cheat on her because I love her and it's a very disrespectful thing to do to someone you supposedly care about. And if you don't care about her, then get out of the relationship and go bang a bunch of chicks. It's just such a crappy way to end a relationship. If you're really thinking the way you say, it's over already anyway. Just move on and then you won't have to worry about your dick getting relocated.
  10. I'm sure the majority of bar girls are from Isaan because that's the poorest area. But there are many Isaan women who don't work in bars, too. My girl left Isaan for BKK after attending university to get an office job when she was 25. She ended up waitressing in a few different Italian restaurants there because she liked the later hours better, but she's never worked in a bar and she's 37 now and makes enough money to survive. I think it's a stereotype because of the many Isaan girls that do end up in bars. There are good girls and bad girls from every place and walk of life.
  11. My girl lives in a Muslim neighborhood in Bangkok. I asked her why she moved there because she's Buddhist and she said she didn't know it until she moved in. But it doesn't seem to bother her, other than having to walk 2 soi over to get any pork street food. Also, we went to visit her high school friend who owns a resort in Railay Beach and she's married to a Muslim and she converted. She wouldn't allow me to bring a pizza I had bought out in Krabi into the house because she said the sausage on it would disrespect her husband so I left it outside in the car. Her friend said she missed pork. I will say I got bad vibes from her husband. He wasn't too friendly towards me. That's the extent of what I know of Muslim interaction with Buddhists.
  12. He was coming and going at the same time.
  13. The article didn't really say if these were bar girls or their actual girlfriends. Some couples do frequent the bars together. I'd be pissed if my buddy grabbed my girl, drunk or not. But if I was with a bar girl, I'd say have at it, bro. 555