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  1. This is a disgraceful slur on the consulate staff. Everyone knows that they play tennis not golf.
  2. Fawlty having found a pigeon in the water tank was actually saying "pigeon, pigeon" but inferring that is was 'like' pidgin. The writer quoted him correctly.
  3. The same thing happened to me when we pretended we were on our honemoon. At least we argued less.
  4. I Burned my bridges spent my life in Thailand saved all my money in baht now enjoying changing it back at 45, 44, 43 who knows what next. Cheap holidays in the third world courtesy of Lidl's and Aldi for years to come. Funny how most people pooh poohed the whole idea of having money in baht now they think the pound is finished. Sheep.
  5. Snooker, darts, chess, Scrabble...all sports requiring dedication and huge amounts of practice to rise to the top. Physical endeavors are not the only thing that are sports. Mindsports are sports. Scrabble is considered a sport inThailand and has two world champions as well.
  6. What is wrong with the Thaivisa story exactly? It is an accurate translation from the Thai news. It leaves out some things like how many bones are broken and the position of one elbow, but that didn't really need to be in there.
  7. That's what the missus said....but she was serious.
  8. Are you saying a chocolate bar with coconut would make them more palatable?
  9. Pigeons? Their English is appalling. Three hours of politeness training, and a course in phrasal verbs at the very least.
  10. TV are just making sure that you are paying attention...and reading to the end. It is a surveillance technique. No satire intended.
  11. How dare you disparage Coronation Street. To rope that show in with Thai soaps is bordering on the inflammatory! When Hilda died, I shed a tear. If all the Thais in the soaps moved on I would celebrate.
  12. No, not when used for medicinal purposes.
  13. There are many countries around the world - definitely some in Europe - where despite the seemingly premeditated nature of the murders he would be able to plead mitigating circumstances under crime of passion directives. In Thailand too. He may well serve only ten years or so.