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  1. Well or offer 75/99 land leases so we can still resell the house and land at some point to new buyer because with a 30 years lease only u stuck with it and so is the market.
  2. Interesting maybe i need to upper my egg intake to 5-6 eggs weekly😀
  3. Hmm but how about if guys do other positions with your wife?U might want to secure her better off from all angles with multiple tattoes.
  4. Yes foodland have nice and good priced tomatoes.Ever checked up on your cholesterol?I eat like 4-5 eggs in a week max.
  5. A property exist in real and is not the same thing as a paper asset such as stocks bonds are.
  6. Somewhat curious what these fine Thai ladies have to say about u.
  7. Och well i was only curious.The one in Bangkok in suk soi 5 once a while i end up in a nice conversation with one of my neighbors.
  8. Well u enjoy here often also chatting round with foreigners so that seems like the same thing as in tuk la dee but then with food...Do u take 4 portions of beacon with your 4 eggs?
  9. Its going to be off topic better wait posting about Thai lady boys till someone makes a new thread.but if u come home more often with a ladyboy after a night out instead of a girl than probably u like them more then girls.
  10. I heard condo sale staff telling propect condo buyers that next year they high speed train would be connected with Bangkok and it would stop near their project😀😀.I guess just optimistic thingking their part.
  11. what i like about Thai ladies is that they can give you lovely looking loek krungs😀.
  12. Casinos create jobs and boost tourism.i am not a gambler but still like hanging in casinos for dinners drinks shows leisure etc.In Europe additive gamblers will be banned from freguently visiting the casinos.I never been to these casinos near border but if they came to Phuket Bangkok and Pattaya i would love to go for a night out.
  13. Seems a more safe journey than a ride in the back of a mini van.
  14. Hmmm i doubt if u were working in that shop trying for example to help Chinese customers u probably failed miserably yourself as well.Hey i do not like put Working Thais down.They are trying and working long hours then they go home cook their own food and hand wash their clothes have some respect ok.
  15. Well Thais ofcourse do know the deeper meaning behind Songkraam just the foreigners don't know.