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  1. One week after the memo has been sent to all involved.
  2. If he killed my son the last place he'd be welcome was at his funeral.. unless he wanted to make it a joint affair !!
  3. 5 kilometers I think they all had a good look before taking a pic.. better to have got his licence plate !!
  4. just like the brakes disconnected to save air !!
  5. Most roundabouts in Thailand that I've seen, traffic on the roundabout gives way to that coming onto it. The reverse of roundabouts worldwide, where traffic on the roundabout has priority.
  6. Her smug face & body language speaks volumes.... a person who obviously thinks she stands 3 rungs above her actual position.. hope this video shared on social media has brought her back down to ground level.
  7. My thoughts too, no mates around to back up either man they decide to give up! Motorbike rider had the edge & sense to keep his helmet on.. not much to aim at for the taxi man..
  8. Smoke yes, not "nam-plaa fumes" that gets me angry too !!
  9. Are you saying they're selling Chinese knock-offs to Chinese tourists?? I love it lol
  10. Ain't gonna happen in my lifetime & I intend to live a lot longer.... I've given up travelling in mini-vans or coaches & given up eating anything that comes out of the rivers or ocean. Extended my life quite a bit already! Once the pollution has killed everything in the rivers & gone out to sea & killed everything out there too then maybe someone will do something, but until then don't hold your breath... unless you live in certain areas on the coastline then that actually might be advisable!
  11. 5 baht increase per cigarette? you can buy a cheap packet of 20 for around 60 baht now... that's one hell of an increase!! I can see a lot of Thais kicking the habit! As for the "soapy massage" that's always been negotiable & I guess always will be.. if the price is right you'l get customers if not you'll go bankrupt!
  12. The "system" will work it's magic to keep the boy out of prison, can you imagine the life of a policeman's son in prison... it won't happen an apology of sorts will be made for the "murder" of someone else's son, a few baht maybe thrown in as a gesture, but the threat of if you don't play ball you will suffer will be behind any outcome!