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  1. yes agreed, the ones with deep pockets only !
  2. yes, or foul play, if i were a cop i would certainly dig a little deeper. why did friends abandon him ? check cctv , all bars/hotels resorts now it is mandatory to have CCTV
  3. i have something similar to this, essential for passport, cards, money, phone, laptop / notebook while travelling also does me for beach and about town on motorbike for towel, wireless speakers, phone, wallet and spare t-shirt.
  4. i call BS . why did they leave it so long ? any proof of embassy involvment from the start ? and who or why go to the newspapers ? more stories in papers today hopefully then we get a better insight but untill then i smell a rat
  5. today i have put the unit into the foreign name ( wish i had done this from start but was told my many agents & matrix that company name was ok ) anyway, moving on, can anyone advise who pays lawyer to draw up the assignment agreement , me or the buyer or both parties. siam-legal fee for this is 10.000 thb . also what other things does lawyer need to do apart from this and what extra charges are involved, i allready lost lot of money now in this place and really dont want to pay out everything extra that i dont have to. thankyou in advance
  6. condo in city centre residence pattaya by matrix, condo is in company name, had a portential buyer now but after talking to siam-legal lawyer ( who was acting on behlaf of both of us buyer & seller ) they advise him not to buy. he called me today and said that in order to make company name you must assign 3 thai people to comapny etc etc , i dont know too mush about it. i emailed siam-legal and this is what i got back - It is necessary that you will need to notify the developer of change of condo sale agreement. An assignment agreement is needed among the three parties. To have Mr ****** make deposit, that agreement (assignment agreement) is needed which by laws Matrix needs to get involved. buyer now wants me get onto matrix and get it in foreign name, i dont know how to do this , if they have any more foreign quoita left in development or not and its an extra 300.000 baht. yesterday the buyer knew he was buying the contarxt only then make company name himself ( i was selling him the contract ) what can we do now , if anything. thanks in advance
  7. topic of conversation last week - deadly minivans this week - bent cops
  8. PRICE DROP - SALE NOW ON. massive discounts look here : https://www.google.co.uk/webhp?sourceid=chrome-instant&ion=1&espv=2&ie=UTF-8#q=3000+baht+killer+thai+news cops involved here too, good god !!
  9. the victims was " a good looking tom " who to hell is doing the reporting ? why do we need to know such silly detail and what does it matter ?
  10. the owner is a german guy , here is the link below - http://www.bahtsold.com/view/beer-bar-in-good-soi-bua-khao-bar-complex-for-sale-279527?co=Thailand-1&s=beer+bar&ca=NULL&c=1006&pr_from=NULL&pr_to=NULL i confirm his wife or named owner is well and truly f**kd . i knew an english guy had a bar in soi 2 north pattaya years ago and his wife was jailed at least 2 years , he had to pay bail moneys etc of well over a million baht just to get he sentence cut. so, who will be found guilty in this instance ? 1. owner 2. owners wife ( named owner ) 3. mamasan
  11. cops control the prostitution rackets in KK and UDON, back street whorehouses where young laosian girls are forced to work, i know ive seen them in there, ive seen them drinking outside them many times. seems recently that they have closed or moved a lot of them but up untill 3 years ago there were many with up to 20 girls locked away in a room.
  12. going by your replies i think she has you hook line & sinker allready. 3 weeks in and your hinting at marriage ( c,mon it was not a joke, who you think your kidding ) then your out buying her designer handbags , perfume and chocolates ? your gonna be a keeper !
  13. first seen the headline and thought right away drunken ( brits ). anyway, i agree they should be taught a lesson. but its really no big deal , 2 drunk idiots. maybe they were stung at the bar
  14. how many dead& injured this year allready ? downright bloody discracefull