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  1. leave pattaya alone, it is what it is and allways will be !! all you pattaya haters and do gooders never came to pattaya playground before ? yea right !! all you whingeing moaning bitches if you dont like it then just do not come , simple . you would only moan and bitch about something else anyway its in your nature. yes , tackle crime, corruption & traffic problems but if prostitutes want to work and there is supply and demand then so be it, let people there do what they want & enjoy it.
  2. 1000 baht fine, its laughable. he will be back at it again today
  3. every day more and more these days foreign tourists are being warned not to come here, not because of foreign journalism . the thai government & thai people are doing the damage themselves. i for one do not give a damn for thailand anymore, ive had enough and thank god ive sold all my assets here and have gotten away. loads more places out there where we are made welcome
  4. im discusted at these people !!!
  5. uk - ireland - usa - canada and other countries get free 30 days on arrival anyway, so who exactly are they trying to "lure" in ? its a stupid strategy. give the people more freedom to extend, stop corruption & double pricing & put a stop to the drunken filth attacking elderly foreign tourists in bars !
  6. cowardly scummy bas*********s
  7. must be the fourth in a week on thai news !!!
  8. can anyone reply, why has the police only targetted 2 gogo bars ? did these gogos not pay tea money, not have proper licences in place. hard to believe that government will shut down the sex industry here in pattaya / thailand, what will all the poor uneducated farm girls do ? it will only lead to a burden on their own system and also a significant drop in tourism. pattaya will allways be pattaya , the sex capital of the world.
  9. rioters are mostly young muslim migrants from what i see. yea, shoot them !!!
  10. i say so what, look here - http://adultwork.xxx/ manchester has over 400 working girls, london over 1000,s
  11. i smell overpricing , maybe im wrong but the old english fool did not deserve a shoe in the face from a drunken thai slut. glad she was charged but wonder what will happen , maybe a 100 baht fine in court if it goes that far. if hes guilty he should also face the consequences
  12. hahaa im just back from SHV and its one of the best places ive ever been to in SEA people there are far more friendly than the thais. its safe !!!
  13. must be a terrible place to be in when you think about jumping 200ft up and are determined to act on it. RIP