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  1. Maybe Somchai drilled into the cable when installing the shower heater?
  2. Teacher looks a bit Eastern European to me, but that'll be handy for the BiB working in Jomtein.
  3. Obviously they don't get out much.
  4. Misleading headline once again. He was fined for pulling up on the hard shoulder without reasonable cause i.e. not an emergency or breakdown.
  5. Not the first bull-fighting <deleted>a*r*s*e*h*o*l*e to get a reaming. Won't be the last either.
  6. Old Kornonthakob dreaming again. Who advises her?
  7. Obviously this survey was based on overt bribery rather than covert. Otherwise Australia would have featured much higher.
  8. Low maintenance. Just empty them when their nose dribbles.
  9. PM 2.5 is rather more serious a health hazard than PM10, hence why it seems to often go unreported in Thailand. The smaller 2.5 particles penetrate deep into the lungs.
  10. His mate warned him that if he did it on a Harley people would think he was just another tosser.
  11. If he's nicked en-route you may lose the chance of picking up accomplices at the destination.
  12. Interesting blog popped up:
  13. Nope, I was searching their site. However, Google does a better job:
  14. Odd that a search of the originally quoted Cullman Times for 'Jackson Hall' comes up with nothing. Name doesn't pop up on the FBI site either.