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  1. Nice twerk , nice shorts and to the point . Thanks Jonathan.
  2. Yep I like that , Stick yer hands up yer bum followed by post 81 You'r fingered .
  3. Once more from Straw Dogs . Some men like women and some men like boys But I like big fluffy things that make a bah noise.
  4. The ayes have it and yes, the legs that go right up 'till they make an ar$e of themselves. Never did like scary large noms.
  5. If this trash cannot get caught using this good quality cctv what is the point in this food hall using it ?
  6. I have been living here since 2005 and have had very few health issues since arriving here but about 6 weeks ago I developed a rash ...yep up there in what is politely called the groin area. Never had this before so why now. The pharmacy I get BP tabs from and items for the TW recommended Dermaheu a dermatitis ointment this has had no effect. Tea Tree oil the same . I am going to Lotus later on and as a last resort will try nappy rash cream , I did try Prickly heat powder but I think it turns into grinding paste when going out . Come on chaps / ladies / ladyboys , it can't just be me with this prob.
  7. Sorry , now the topics are so much smaller I thought this one was ' Bibs offered to police after big load of cough syrup seized in Chumphon '
  8. If its by the sea and starts with a Pee that is fine with me.
  9. Agree , with their cappuccino legs, the legs that get whiter nearer the top , mostly seen when astride a scooter.
  10. Absolutely right . Why would a policeman know how to drive correctly , one day a clueless civi. the next a BiB and still with no clues. A few weeks ago on entering the roundabout in Chiang rai , a policeman on his motor bike stopped halfway round to let the traffic on , I was behind and blew my hooter not realizing the cop was likely too scared to pull across the car entering on his left.
  11. Last seen on someones active post. I think HP should sue her for suggesting there is soap in their sauce.
  12. An obvious brain fail , there can be no reason at all for this driving , brake fail , I don't think so , wet roads , same same. If he /she just robbed a bank it would not be the ideal vehicle for doing a runner in . It would be nice to think he /she died after going through the windscreen at the end . All those insurance claims because of one .............................can't use that word , fill in your own word .
  13. If you throw away a key for 5 years where would you look to find it after 5 years , my TW can't find her scooter key after 2 hours . Sorry just being picky , I agree , should never be let loose on the roads again.
  14. Talking of roundabouts , a mate and myself meet up for a coffee and ride out next to a roundabout in the town where I live way up north. Very few locals have yet to master using the roundabout. Just 2 days ago a pickup stopped on the r. to let on coming traffic go round. Once a bloke on a scooter came out of the police station also next to the r. and go around the wrong way to save himself the bother of going clockwise. Roundabouts and U turns are far to technical for the locals .