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  1. Kl is just an example. Not that having a skytrain and MRT is some kind of big advantage, certainly not with completely separate ticketing systems. The two systems are nice. Lightyears ahead they are not. The ARL is a classic example of how to not organize a mass transit system by the way.
  2. Again Uber. I bet they were happy that the government agreed to see if a service such aa Uber can be incorporated into the law. Of course the understandable request to seize service until this investigation was concluded is now being denied by Uber. Arrogant and extremley stupid. If I were the Thai government, the investigation would be called off and cracking down on Uber would be in full swing by now. It seems repect of the law, and respect of partners (in this case the Thai government) is deemed nlt necessary by Uber. I think that alone speaks volumes of the kind of people concerned...
  3. No no, that cannot happen, because it is certain they will win again. The whole reason for the coup is the fact that according to some influential people those pesky voters continue to vote the wrong people into office. Only the good people should be allowed to scam the tax payers, not some telecom high so that doesn't belong :D
  4. They will never learn, banning of alcohol sale will not help. Maybe the 50 representatives could focus on awareness that drunk driving is dangerous and illegal. And leave people that don't drive and just want to buy a drink the <deleted> alone.
  5. Well I cannot answer that question for them. They did announce they would crack down on taxi drivers refusing to turn on the meter or refusing rides (which is also illegal) some time ago. As to uber, they are intending to not follow all kinds of regulations, as I said earlier, this is not a Thai only thing, Uber finds itself in hot water with authorities in quite a few other countries as well. Their business model might have something to do with that. In any case, there should be a level playing field, Uber should not be allowed to sidestep regulations other competitors are following.
  6. Hmm you know Sukhumvit is a long street right ? I stay right on Sukhumit (near 38) and taxis there always use the meter, and never refuse a ride. I agree, the ones around the tourist mekka (near soi 4) can be dodgy. I just threaten to report them and that usually works fine. The percentage of drivers doing what you describe is so tiny, it would be unjust to paint the whole basket..
  7. As far as I know the metered system as has been created in Bangkok only is applicable to Bangkok, although in cities like Udon they do use the meter most of the times. I don't think using the metered system is the only gripe against Uber. However for Chiang Mai I can understand the appeal of a service like Uber, in Bangkok however, I feel they should only be allowed to operate if they follow the same rules as all the taxi companies inside of the Bangkok city limits have to follow, and in the case of Bangkok this means a legal obligation to use the meter, unless the destination is outside of the city limits. Thailand is not the only country cracking down on Uber, in Europe there are several countries where they are not allowed to operate for the same reasons, their inability to follow the same rules and guidelines that all others are following. Level playing field and fair competition. Being hip and techy isn't an excuse to try and get away with these antics.
  8. since when are there metered taxis in Chiang Mai ? In Bangkok where I am referring to, they do and they are obliged to do so by law.
  9. Oh I am sure the current government has not been following some rules here or there. However, I am not aware that they operate a taxi business in Thailand that tries to operate outside of the relevant rules, which is the subject of this thread...
  10. My post wasn't about taxis being amazing, it was about Uber not following the rules. They have been requested to seize their operations pending this new investigation, let's see if they follow this request, if they don't, I think it is fair to say that they are not going to be operating much longer in Thailand, and 100% justified.
  11. Sure, and as far as I'm concerned you can, providing those companies operate within the law, the critisicm against the land department is unjust, Uber thinks they can get away with not following the rules of the game, the blame should therefore be shitfted to Uber themselves. But I guess you think they can get away with it, because you want a better service (in your eyes) the fact that this leads to unfair competition and that the companies that do operate within the law are negatively affected is of lesser concern, got it.
  12. Well in my pretty extensive experience, what happens is I get to my intended destination, with the taxi driver using the meter. I have nothing against market forces, providing all parties play by the rules. Uber thinks the rules are not applicable to them, therefore there isn't a level playing field. In this case the Thai government is right.
  13. It seems their failure to comply with certain regulations will do that anyway. I am not telling anything, you asked for a service that already exists for decades here in Bangkok. And it works by flagging a taxi, call it low tech, love simple services.
  14. What proven facts ? Pray tell where exactly is the proof that links the flying saucer with this weapons find ? The only fact is they found weapons, all the rest has not been proven, we will have to take their word for it. Since they have shown tl be compulsive liars, I take all of this with a pinch of salt. By the way, my only agenda is democracy, so any chance to get these undemocratic clowns out of the picture is justified.
  15. Such a service already exists.... or wait, exept for reasonably priced, as the current service is ridiculously cheap. Maybe that's the Uber hype, people like to pay more to get from A to B. Technology, hype word for a simple transportation service, at least the existing one works without a need for a data connection.