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  1. Sorry, I don't understand your question. I didn't attend ULS for half a year or so. Are you saying that you did? and are wondering what the value of joining UTL would be after that? I attended private schools for a couple of months to I think about 4 months on various visits, years apart. But if I understand the gist of your question, I don't see that there would be any particular advantage unless there were a teacher that suited you better at one place over the other. Location to where I was staying was one reason I chose one over the other. I used UTL, which I could walk to. If I had to do it over, I'd take the train to ULS. Mostly because I found the attitudes at ULS MUCH easier to live with. My main point was to not waste time in university language learning if at all possible.
  2. You guys are a couple of nice classic negative, cynical TVers and one of the reasons I have many times thought to stop reading TV completely, rather than just reduce the amount I read anymore! Have you never had a decent amount of money on your person in your life!? Maybe he was on his way to donate to a temple! Maybe he was on his way to buy a nice gift for his future in-laws. Maybe he was on his way to buy a cheap old used car for his girlfriend. Maybe he was on his way from the money changer to deposit the cash in his bank. Who knows! There could be a million good reasons to have more than a couple hundred bucks on him that day. And what an incredible conclusion! Just because a guy has a few thousand bucks on him it means he doesn't like banks!? hahahaha How do you get along in life??
  3. Two nights in jail for feeding fish?? If I were back home, I would immediately assume that she did something to seriously get on somebody's bad side with some horrible attitude problem and physical and verbal resistance. But being that we are in Thailand... but seriously... for feeding fish!!??? When was the last time anyone was jailed for feeding the marine life endless amounts of sewage everyday? Maybe they should outlaw feeding soi dogs! I can't even begin to fathom jail time for feeding fish! I can't even imagine 10 seconds in handcuffs for feeding fish! These people are sick.
  4. We can be thankful for such diligent and future thinking minds as the landlord, protecting us from suspicious and negligent strollers disguised as tourists, obviously up to no good. They city should call a press conference and award him a medal! Maybe they can even appropriate some city funds to spike vacant land across the city.
  5. checking out the uni programs is all good, but if you really want to learn Thai language, the very last thing I would recommend is studying at a university. I've experienced both (2 universities and 5 private language schools) and there is absolutely no comparison. And if a visa is part of the issue, you can also get a visa from proper private schools. I only have experience with private schools in Bangkok. I would recommend Union Language School first. After that, I would recommend Unity Thai Language School (who "appropriated" Union Language School's system a number of years ago and started their own school). I think your progress in the language at one of those schools as compared to a university will be dramatically different.
  6. What an idiot landowner! I'm picturing somebody tripping on one of the spikes only to land on the next one through the chest or head.... How incredibly stupid can people be!??? Oops... I forgot what city we're talking about here... The landowner is probably a local city genius.
  7. The driver most certainly didn't try to catch the motorbike in order to catch his plate number. Did you happen to bother watching the video? That car driver lied through his teeth. Take a look at the video, there is not even remotely any inkling he was chasing the bike. I wonder if he was making an excuse for not stopping to assist at the accident because his story definitely doesn't add up with the video.
  8. Just yet another one of the daily examples to be found of truth in media... or the lack thereof. Maybe they're learning from the likes of the usual practitioners... CNN, BBC, Fox, NBC, etc............. For some reason, I don't think she's so concerned with how much she saved. Although, it could be a great help for hiring a lawyer!
  9. re accommodations offering wifi beware of shared wifi. Make certain that it is not wifi as a paid extra that you share with the other tenants! That's how it is at my condo. It is a torturous experience to use shared wifi here. I lasted less than a week before I got my own installed. Sinet came and did it the day after I went to their kiosk and ordered it! Maybe I was lucky, I don't know, but I've found their service to be very good. As for speed, it should be easy enough to find out by asking... although... management here is notoriously unreliable and they may not know offhand. But they should be able to find out for you. If they don't want to find out for you or seem put off by your asking, then that's a good sign that you don't want to live there! Those kinds of hints are great to know how nice or miserable it will be living at a well managed or a not so well managed place. Regardless of if you get your own or use or one that is provided, check to see if it is Fiber or not. Fiber connections are not affected by the outages that hit people on regular copper connections during the rainy season.
  10. 1. Really nice area? Too subjective for me to answer. Some people find it really nice to be right next to the Night Bazaar and Loi Koh Rd. Some like it in the city center. Some like it around Nimman, or by Central Festival, Hang Dong, etc, etc.... It really depends on what kind of restaurants and bars you like. Restaurants and bars are EVERYWHERE. I kind of like to be a bit farther away from the busy areas. Can always hop on the motorcycle and be where I want in 5 minutes. 2. Yes, some condo's have internet included/installed. It really depends on the individual owner. There are many venues for searching for condos or serviced apartments. Facebook has some groups for that as well as various websites. 3. Cost for internet contract? I'm not sure what it would be if you're only going to use it for 2 months. I've only ever signed up for a year. I believe the lowest cost would be about 650/month. It sounds like you might want a bit faster service if you are going to use it for your business with large files. This blog post is accurate according to my experience. I use Sinet and have good experience and good service. I didn't know that they offer monthly rates without a longer contract, as the guy says in his post. But that should work nicely for you. I avoided 3BB, although it is popular, because I found their policy toward foreigners too distasteful for me. They required a 3 month prepayment from foreigners. I have never heard any other company with such a policy against foreigners. If they had good management, they wouldn't need to do this and would just shut down unpaid accounts. 4. I have no experience or ideas about dongles. 5. You don't need an international license to hire a motorcycle, but I would definitely get one - particularly for motorcycle, not only for car. Not having a motorcycle license can be a hassle when getting caught up in police road blocks or other insurance problems if such arose. I have known/used the services of "MAE PING Car Rent & Travel" for about 10 years. (You can google them - they are right by the night bazaar) They are honest and friendly. No worries of any kind of rip off at all. Monthly motorcycle renting is definitely the way to go if you are going to be in Chiangmai for less than 6 months. 6. Budget? Depends on the time of year , how much you use your air conditioning, the design of the building can also affect energy usage quite a lot. Also, different landlords can charge quite different prices for electric and water. I'm not sure, but I think serviced apartments include that cost in the rent. In my experience, condos have usually had me pay the electric directly with the bill from the electric authority, some with a tiny service charge. It also depends on how large of a place you have that needs to be air conditioned. Your costs for electric and air can run anywhere from 500 to 3,000 a month. I'm sure it can go higher, but I've never paid over 1,500. But I also don't use my air so much and never turn on the TV. Water for me is usually about 100/month. Drinking water for me is about 50/month, if refilling containers with the water filter machine that every condo I've ever stayed at has downstairs. Good luck
  11. Why should it be? It shouldn't be. But it is. But I think the poster who said that seemed to be insinuating that the owner wasn't taking this into account in running her business. But I don't think there is evidence for that at all. And it was a nonsensical unsympathetic post.
  12. Are you inferring that the owner involved doesn't already do that? Or that since one budgets for theft, then they shouldn't be upset by it when it happens? I think every breathing adult with 2 brain cells functioning well enough to have an ounce of common sense understands this "fact of business life". Not really sure what your point is, but it appears to be just more of the same TV fault finding, where there is no evidence of the thing stated to begin with... Why not just have some empathy for the owner who has been violated, without other nonsense added in? Especially since you say you don't condone the thievery...
  13. Why would you doubt that it happens every day? If it were just an occasional thing, I doubt she would be so upset. I don't doubt for a moment that it could be happening every day. I don't know how many shops are there in the area that she was talking about it happening every day (read carefully, she wasn't talking about it happening only in her shop every day, but in the area shops), but if there are more than 10 shops there, I wouldn't be surprised in the least if it were a daily occurrence. Actually, I would expect more.
  14. I never saw that the shop owner was complaining about farang. Did you read a different version somewhere? The article specifically says that she complained about foreigners. The video that just happened to have "Westerners" in it, was just one example of foreigners who are stealing from her. You say the shop owner should accept their losses!? Who on earth in their right mind should accept theft?? It is unacceptable, period. That is an amazing demand of you to make. You go on to insinuate that the shop owner was saying that Thais don't steal? Where did you get that from? Again... maybe you read a different version of this news somewhere? As a matter of fact, in the article, the owner was quoted as saying that Thais actually DO do wrong things. The complaint was about lack of enforcement. And you bring up other Asians? I guess that was also from your other source because other Asians weren't mentioned in this article. You demand the owner to do something themselves rather than just relying on the police? You seem to have completely missed the fact that she did do something about it and that's why you read about it! Not only did she outfit her shop with CCTV, but she posted it online! I found virtually nothing about your post to be relevant or factual. Just a smidgen of empathy and commenting of the article posted rather than other mysterious information, for which you provide no reference, would sure be nice. Or maybe just need to find something productive to do with your time?