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  1. Like other people say a 8 year old computer can be in need of change, but this man and place also sells used computers for a good price. I once not so long ago got a price of 7000 bath for a complete towerbox with i7 processor, 8gb ram, 500gb HD and 1 gb graphic. I consider that quite cheap.
  2. Are you going to cancel your account??? Yes! If this was normal circumstances it would be a trial and probably at least 6 months jail time.
  3. Thought this story was out and done with already. An apology should have been made instantly after the watch was found. It can´t really be so serious that this has to be followed for almost a year.
  4. If somebody offered to give away 1 submarine if I bought 2, I would really considering taking the order to a more serious business partner that concentrates on the quality instead.
  5. Me too! Started to use that in Thailand like 12 years ago. Still a very cheap electricity bill. I suppose we are not alone using aircons. I believe most of the foreigners in Thailand do that.
  6. Great idea! When we can´t handle the problem, we accept that the bombs go of 3 times a month but not more. I suppose, if asked if they are negotiating with terrorists that answer would be no.
  7. This is a great story about a good thai man! Most of them are good, but what you see is the bad. Unfortunately there are too many of them too. However this is what we want to read about, instead of all the daily shit. Makes me want to call him to drive me every time I go Bangkok!
  8. I sincerely hope that the old man pull through.
  9. Perfect! The electric has been far too cheap too long time.
  10. The question is how people still can fall for these scams. Today everybody must know that a bank never calls their customers and advise them to put money in a specific account. All things that has to do with this is taken care of personally inside a bank office. Anyway, good that they got them, and I hope that they throw the trash og human beings as far away from this country as possible, or put them in a cell and throw away the key.
  11. Oh! yes, now it was the good thai man that really thinks before he is doing something again. Beeing the son of a police does really seem like a problem in this country. How many times are we going to hear about members, (sons), of these families resorting to violence as soon as something happens. Not even the police can teach their own sons to behave in a normal fashion. Like one said before. Good luck with the long article defending thai men!
  12. Not totally untrue, but after soon 17 years in Thailand not even this article is going to change my opinion of the thai man. There are of course men that are ok, and I have many thai friends too. What is the problem is that too many people are scared of a discussion when you must solve a dispute with words. Istead they resport to violence as a quicker and more easy way to get rid of the problem at the moment. Of course it depends on what you compare with. If that i Monaco, then it´s a catastrophy. If you compare to Libya it´s like heaven on earth.
  13. For this major event, I would say that a city of Buriram´s caliber would be a perfect choise! I´m sure I´ve missed some essential information somewhere!?
  14. Look at the time frame. Something happened 8 years ago A sentence have been made of 4 years imprisonment The appeals court uphold the sentence After that they are still free on bail, probably for another 2 years until another instance will say something Now, that´s why it never happens anything........and this is just the tip of the iceberg!
  15. Yeah! It´s right. Only one thing. With the hardheaded mindsets that exists in this country, even God will have a nearly impossible mission to accomplish.