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  1. He ain't dead yet. There is a noticeable difference between death and long term memory loss.
  2. Sad, tragic end to a young life. R.I.P.
  3. Not quite sure what the temple has to do with it, only that it was in close proximity. Difficult to see him getting anywhere near the maximum penalty quoted, despite his perverted action.
  4. In addition the officials found three cabs with out of date documents. They took the plates off the vehicles and fined the operator 10,000 baht for each violation I think the paltry fine, and the token ban are the least of his worries. The owner of the rental place ain't going to be happy with him.
  5. I have seen cynics on here criticizing the use of the words 'drink driving' by reporters, on numerous reports. Well, now you have it first hand !
  6. Don't restrict it just to the railways.
  7. Col Suwat also confirmed that Sub Lt Thanom was still in full police employment, however he has yet to be disciplined as per police disciplinary procedures. In most countries, dismissal from the force would be the first action taken. I can't see that happening here though.
  8. I guess that could be classed as premeditated !
  9. Pattaya is classed as the sex capital of the world, officials are not happy with the image, so they are seen to try to make amends, and clean the place up. Thailand is classed as one of the worst countries in the world for road accidents, officials are not happy with the image, what do they do ?............................................<deleted> All (fill in the blanks)
  10. I ain't got much up top, but I prefer to just go out for a quiet drink !
  11. Horrendous for the kids. Not sure about the legality of the modification, but, hey, This is Thailand.