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  1. No use asking his family about his whereabouts, because I believe he has burnt his bridges with them !
  2. Police wanted to interview the wife's family, but learnt that they had just flown first class to Hong Kong for a holiday !
  3. The sixteen year old pupils said they were impressed with her way of teaching them !
  4. I am 100% sure all the public will listen to him ! Next, he will be requesting that people refrain from drink driving.
  5. Not sure the B.I.B. are going to buy that excuse, unless money changes hands, of course !
  6. As he could not understand a word he was trying to say !
  7. Poor fella. What a horrendous, unexpected way to die. R.I.P.
  8. That will be the farang increase, in the two tier pricing system. Thais, maybe 20 baht increase.
  9. Let's hope any warrant issued for Ko-tee is as effective as the numerous ones issued for the arrest of Dhammachayo !
  10. This article directly follows the one praising Thai men, and how they are wrongly portrayed as bad people !
  11. Probably the same wherever you go, however, only the bad, usually, gets the publicity.
  12. Good luck enforcing that one !
  13. It's not as if he cannot get a false one, with the alleged riches he has !
  14. Quite a few Thais join the monkhood because they have committed a criminal offence. Maybe, nowadays, this is not such a good idea, with the antics they get up to wearing the sacred orange.