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  1. I think this is poor marketing by Honda. Why can't one buy the hatchback with RS features? It seems silly to me, especially as it's being offered in other countries.
  2. That looks like the Suzuki SJ413 I rented in Samui a few years back!!
  3. Nice choice, Ace. I love mine.
  4. Why is someone running away from the scene at 0:02 (just after the collision, and picture goes darker) near the white wall to the left of the vehicles?
  5. Thanks, Ace. I've had my RS about 6 months now and am thinking of changing the tyres. Any idea if B-Quik and the like give discounts for my nearly new tryes (5,200km only)?
  6. Hi JAS, I have an RS. What's the fundamental difference between Yokohamas and Bridgestones? I do get some road noise from the Bs, but is that all? Thanks in advance.
  7. Could well be. Or, he completely reversed the rear wheels over her, and then pulled forward with her trapped between the underside of the car and the rear wheels (look how low it is), thus dragging her and leaving the blood trail. Both are plausible. Sad.
  8. Congrats. I've had both the Focus (2.0, 2012) and I now have a Civic RS. The Focus was good, but the Civic is better IMO. She'll love the RS.
  9. This would make complete sense, which is probably why it won't happen. Lol. That said, this is how I got my Thai licence in the first place, by simply producing my UK one and undergoing a colour blindness test. That was it. Fingers crossed this will carry over to renewals.
  10. I realise that, and I still think as a one-off (bar the lessons as it's easy to tell during a test whether someone can drive or not) isn't such a bad idea. I would suggest doing the test first though, followed by lessons if necessary. That all said, it has to be done cleanly and fairly.
  11. I can see the value of doing this as a one-off for those renewing to identify the bad drivers but, again, only if it's a clean system could it work. I'm not holding my breath though. Even during my last renewal people were asleep or playing with their phone during the 'safety;' video.
  12. Ridiculous question......but a very valid and poignant one at the same time. This is why Thailand is where it is. It's almost a lost cause as I feel that nobody really wants change. If they did, they could, and would. The whole system is broken, hence your question. The whole police force needs firing, and then rehiring with good people without preconceptions of what a police office is/does.
  13. But that's just it.......those who are currently caught behaving badly grease a palm and are waved on their way - often with a smile. Strict enforcement is the answer, I agree with you, but corruption has to be eliminated first, surely.
  14. It simply won't work. Those who 'fail' will simply grease a palm and, hey presto! A driving licence appears. As is the case now. As long as there's corruption things cannot change.
  15. Have you tried turning the engine off whilst in neutral, and then removing the key? Just a suggestion.