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  1. Thanks again ubonjoe
  2. Thank you very much and yes I am legally married as a British person to my Thai wife. Not in this case, what would happen if say no one knows where both parents are what would happen then? Thxs again
  3. Thank you so much and someone mentioned the Legal guardian ie my Thai wife would be going. also any idea of the address and have just the one Dept of Consular Affairs 123 Chaengwattana Road, Laksi, Bangkok 10210. Probably a different address. Thx again
  4. Hi And apologies if there is information already on site. Anyhow I am led to believe that children can be put on a Thai Grandparent's passport and written permission is given by the 2 Blood parents. If this is the case can anyone tell me the actual procedure. Also it there an upper age limit. Also when can Thai children have their own passport? The reason I am asking in a year or twos time my Thai wife and the 2 granddaughters wanting to visit the UK and did hear about the written permission, but obviously in Bangkok. Thank you very much
  5. Yes truth hurts. agree 200 percent
  6. DEfinately even with one merc.
  7. Wow whereabouts is this and have had anything way past 50 students
  8. tkoenig Yes powerful images and should not be too difficult to find. Take your point about Karma, but I have not yet witnessed it.
  9. evadgib Thank u for information but also wanted to know if anyone receives this form every year and believe I did read that foreign expats would be targetted say once every 4 or 5 years. Do you know if this is sent out yearly and does anyone have experience of this? Thanks
  10. Hi All Yes was just posting and a power outage and most what I typed went off the screen!!!. Sorry if on wrong forum, but have been reading and am aware of the Entitlement of state Pension and had to do one myself in 2016 and led to believe everyone would be targetted at least once every 5 years and seem to remember reading about this. Yes some people are giving a false address in the UK, but living in Thailand (I personally know of no one and myself included) and receiving a cost of living increase on their State Pension, even though Thailand is one of a number of Countries whose pensioners pension is frozen. Also led to believe that spouses who have had joint bank accounts and when their partner dies, do not inform Newcastle of this and the pension monies still going in to the bank account. Led to believe in Karma, but I have not come across it myself at all Yes, there is a forum regarding the Frozen pension issue and one where I have been very much involved in, but frankly the powers that could do anything, simply refuse to do anything. However, this is not to be discussed here, but just wondered if other members get a form each year, but believe everyone targetted every so often. Can anyone clarify this please?
  11. Not to state that loans given to a so-called relative is given back to a Niece, who refuses to pass it on.!!!
  12. Yes Jimmy, Yes it is depressing and can remember 73 to the pound in 2006 and now seems steady around 42 to 43 and what it will be in March re: Brexit is anyone's guess and most of us definitely not got a pot of Gold. Yes, I receive a State Pension directly into the bank and this is frozen also. Always makes me angry when you see adverts showing us on yachts and sipping cocktails, but that is the way many people view us and do not get me on to those publi servants " We here to serve you" Since when and have I missed something and on what date ???
  13. Thank you Crossy
  14. Yes sorry to find a forum, but wanting to find out cost of a new automatic gearbox for a Toyota car in Thailand and just a normal car. thanks
  15. robertthebruce Yes exactly and a life is very cheap here and not just this time if year, but everyday one takes a chance on the roads. The road blocks well I do not see any proactive action at all. It is not just drink, but driving under drugs, speeding, tailgating and a complete disrespect to other road drivers. Try to be safe out there and not just on the roads, people are getting more and more inconsiderate to each other, but that too is nothing new. Safe 2017/2560 to you all and such a needless loss of lives.