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  1. wanting to keep their clothes on before, after and even during sex
  2. No short hair? Not even if she is Irish and says "Nothing compares to you"?
  3. anywhere - but personally I prefer on the ground in the kitchen next to my fridge/minibar
  4. At the risk of being too mut selious: Both Thai and European girls have their good and bad sides. But when you bring a Thai girl to live in Europe, soon she will combine only the 2 bad sides.
  5. My 62 year old wife has 3 grandchildren, but this granny is still very "grabable". Only in Thailand....
  6. The somtam breath doesn't bother me, but it's the leftover chunks of chilis in their mouths that annoy me.
  7. Putting up too much of a show while not coming.
  8. They always want to discuss Wittgenstein.
  9. They all seem to like grumpy old beer bellies.
  10. Fried mussels? Fried?? Probably deep fried??? Oh the horror of it.
  11. Under the paving stones, the beach. Google will translate this to French - (sound so much better) - and provide you with the explication. EDIT: oops, I meant explanation, not explication - pardon my French.
  12. Your wife will not be the biggest loser, as she will not even realize that she loses. You (now) and the baby (later) are the ones that lose. What a dilemma that is....
  13. Very true, but Thais can not plan or think of the future. And they easily go into self destruction mode. Face. So who loses when you don't put extra money in her/your house? I tried something similar with my wife when her lazy stupid egocentric un buddhist 26 years old son moved in with us. We were married 9 years, 66 and 62 years old. Of course she chose poverty and her son over a good life with trips to Europe every year with me. A lose lose situation, but 1 of the losers does not understand that she loses.
  14. Happiness is a warm gun. Greetings to red, yellow, brown and green shirts. Yours Sincerely, John Lennon.