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  1. Ohhh I have sold things to the UK and Germany from the regular ebay.com site But it would be better if they were also listed on the local ebay and I could do the Germany listing in German , etc
  2. pictures ?
  3. there were 1000s more before the street selling crackdown , they were probably owned by the sellers and others who fronted the sellers with goods , but at least it paid them something , most of these people have no business education,........and it shows !
  4. can you include shipping in the price ? Thats what we do , it is a Thai based account , items are in BKK and on Ebay,com Problem is long shipping time , poor tracking and and then stuck in US customs which can take an extra week .... I would love to sell on Ebay UK or Ebay Germany but I am not sure that is possible with a Thai based account
  5. if you are going to be there 5 years , and they will let you cook in your room , get a rice cooker , small microwave and an electric skillet..... I also use my toaster oven a lot......
  6. the iffy emails would also include iffy websites or links,,,,,, but I do like the idea of being able to use Android apps as some things are only on an Android app and not on a Windows app / or a website,
  7. OOPS.....I just checked and this HP 725 D2 laptop has a AMD processor , and it seems Remix only works on Intel..... ummm maybe I am back to using Chrome OS .... any other ideas ?
  8. ummmm anyway to get a free UK mobile number thats web based ? Like Google has in the USA
  9. I am confused if this is in both directions yet ? So if I take a flight from New York to one of these cities can I take a Laptop ? I can live without my laptop , but I will remove battery and put it in another suitcase , and remove hard drive and ( Hopefully) put it in my carry on luggage I am afraid this is going to get much bigger and change the way people travel , I hope I am wrong , but no official wants to take the fall for something happening that may have been stopped
  10. Well since you got it downloaded , did you check out the Tesco app and is it worth signing up for ? and can I do that without being in the UK or ever going to Tesco UK ? and how can I sign up for a UK Playstore account with the same email address as my USA Playstore account ? I am sure this will come up again in the future Thanks
  11. The bad guys only need to be good once , and it can be anywhere , Like London today I hope we are having talks with Boeing and Airbus on making the aircraft safe from any signals from Terrorist computers etc , When its "fly by wire" it is not going to be easy, There is no way to stop these Terrorists , they are not all connected to each other and many have leaders who are crazier than the leaders that we see on TV, I wonder if these airlines will now hand out "official" iPads or Tablets to passengers to keep them busy o long flights ????
  12. its only the first day , if there is really something to this the other Security forces will be told , and the ban could expand. I would bet that will happen at least in Europe
  13. I would load up my Kindle or Tablet with a lot of books , just in case , and an iPod plus chargers....... the hard part will be when you get the "up to you" and you have to make a choice , maybe before you leave have her give you 5-10 places she might be interested in showing you (and she wants to go to) so you can Google them and see if you can even fake interest in going to some of them ! but mostly take it as an adventure , and use it as a test to see if the girlfriend is a "keeper" send pictures !
  14. I think part of this is security at those 10 airports cannot be trusted by Homeland Security...... So what choice do they have but put a ban on them , its 50 flights a day I wonder if you can pull the hard drive out of your laptop and carry that on ? Many companies would not want the company secrets in the cargo area ! I wonder if this will spread to more countries , more airlines and other items like anything electrical 1
  15. And give the baggage handlers extra Christmas presents a little early ! If this goes to all International flights it will kill the tourist industry...... I will give Homeland Security a pass and hope there intel is true,,,,, but we are still taking off our shoes because of the "Shoe Bomber" so this could go on for a long time....... and then we put all the lithium batteries into the cargo area........ I remember when Pan Am gave you a Pan Am Pen and paper , maybe we will be back to that :)