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  1. Brutal thug. Deserves the same treatment but alas it will not happen. RIP little boy. Another child killed before he had a chance of life. Sickening.
  2. Disgusting! I think a few tarnishing the good name and practices of many. But bad things happen in other faiths that are worse, particularly when involving Children.
  3. Pie in the sky thinking again.
  4. When you get it you will know about it.
  5. This guy was stupid. No matter how big and tough you think you are it's a mistake to take more than one Hooker to a room, just asking for trouble. How did they manage to break into a safe? Anyway, I hope these two slags get a lot of adverse publicity back in Khon Kaen
  6. If you can afford it travel Business Class. I fly on Thai airways and have a Platinum card. Usually, I have no problems and can use the first class lounge on the way out. Coming back in you sometimes have to wait a bit at the priority lane but not usually more than 10 or 15 minutes. Basically, Suvarnabhumi is getting too busy now for the volume of traffic. In addition the airport is badly organised and you have a majority of typical very lazy Thai staff. It is only going to get worse. Having said that Tokyo Narita can be bad sometimes for delays getting both in and out which is surprising. Again Narita cannot handle the volume of traffic at certain times of the day.
  7. Many around Nana soi 3 and soi 4. Full of African men in soi Africa (soi 3) up to no good. Not sure what visas these Africans are on but they need to be restricted. All sorts of low life coming to Thailand now hoping to strip the tourists of their hard earned cash. As for fat African women I would rather do without. Can't imagine who would pay to go with someone like them.
  8. Absolute stupidity. Amazing Thailand. Hope this gets the publicity it deserves. Talk about shooting yourself in the foot.
  9. If you don't like it vote with your feet, stay away. I tend not buy anything in Thailand now if the price is not displayed. Been ripped off too many times before.
  10. Suspicious to say the least. However, RIP.
  11. Time they clamped down on the sex industry in Thailand. Criminals, drugs and corruption are all connected. However, too many people taking back handers so it's unlikely to change. The Farang bar scene is just the tip of the iceberg but always mentioned.
  12. R.I.P. It's a sad way to pass away alone. Hope he had a good life.
  13. Pathetic level of fine. He should be jailed, pay a far bigger fine and be banned from driving a taxi for 5 years. The taxi operator should also have their license revoked. Most taxi drivers in LOS carry a weapon. Guns, knives and iron bars are the most favoured. Let the driver close the boot, be polite and give them a decent fare. I take BKK taxis on a regular basis. I always give more than the meter in town and more if going to Suvarnabhumi or Rangsit etc. Taxi fares are cheap in BKK by the meter. However, around Nana or Central World a taxi driver will often demand a fixed price or refuse to take you. No problem just wait for the next taxi.
  14. It's about time TV posted some real news instead of references to Pattaya everyday. Anyone that has lived in Thailand for any length of time knows what Pattaya represents. I was censored on this Forum for speaking some home truths about Pattata. Get real post some real news not the same old tripe.