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  1. "V" for Victory, "V" for Vettel... woo-hoo! Nice job Ferrari.
  2. Possible to post a link to the Forbes Magazine article???
  3. http://www.dictionary.com/browse/terrorism?s=t Hopefully that'll help you continue the thread.
  4. Smog checks and annual registration fees are two distinct things. With relatively few tolls roads CA chooses to charge a higher annual registration fee (newer more expensive cars have higher fees) than many other states to aid upkeep of roads, with fuel taxes being the other major instate source of revenue. Smog checks are all about emissions, and have a standard relatively low price. You have to pass smog check to keep your registration current though.
  5. This isn't that unusual. For years the CARB had a different set of rules regarding emissions of autos etc. You could see it in adverts where a car would be termed as 'for sales in 49 states'. There wood be a slightly higher price in CA due to a catalytic converter fee. If you bought your car outside CA a retrofit wasn't difficult so you could meet the annual smog check requirement. Is this all that different? Ps. CARB = California Air Resources Board...
  6. Just a suggestion --> Start the new thread with an improved title, and put the link in the final post of this thread. Sort of like the honda pcx 300 thread turned into the honda forza thread.
  7. Of course not. Please see my response in post number fifty three {53}.
  8. Dream? Not really. The current ACA needs a little help and a reasonable tweak of this year's effort could provide a bill the extreme right leaning members an incentive to support while a concession or two may get some moderates off the fence. Time will tell and an optimistic outlook never hurts.
  9. Given the title, would it not be appropriate to close the thread!!??
  10. Maybe when the issue is revisited in a year politicians from both sides will be able to get together, make a deal that's good for each political party, and the citizens of the USA.
  11. A Storm of Swords by George R.R. Martin. It is the third book in the Game of Thrones series of novels. The first two were very enjoyable reads with interesting multiple storylines presented in a good writing style. This one appears much the same.
  12. Here is an opinion piece from JK Melchior of the Independent Women's Forum. Compares safety records regarding the accident rate of different delivery methods. Interesting numbers. Don't be put off by the attention grabbing headline; give it a read. http://nypost.com/2017/03/24/the-keystone-pipeline-is-a-plus-for-the-environment/
  13. That is not related to my response or the topic of the thread.. There are plenty of Trump opinions within the TVF you can join on other threads. Please feel free to do that when it is thread topic related.