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  1. i make the trip from bkk to buriram once or twice a month. here is some info that might be helpful. DMK to BFV on air asia - get the A window seat. the flight path takes you south from DMK and you get a great view of bangkok as the plane makes a u-turn to go north. i've seen rental cars at BFV. my preferred restaurant is Book and Bed on Han Chana Rd. nearby on the same road is Tulip Resort which also has a good restaurant, run by a dutch guy, and sometimes known as Muang Pizza (but they do alot more than pizza). tulip has big rooms and a nice pool but i've never stayed there. i've stayed at a bunch of hotels (not sure if you are going hotel or staying with the family). amari by the track, klim hotel, best western, rinradee place (same owner as sita princess across the street where you check in and get breakfast). i recently ate lunch at cresco hotel, a new place by the track. stylish like amari. i prefer the klim hotel, they have fast/reliable internet and a good breakfast. about 700thb/nt. amari and cresco are double that. rinradee is about 500thb and is walking distance to book and bed and muang pizza. don't expect any english channels on the TV, i think amari had a few. i end up streaming stuff off youtube, etc... to keep me occupied at night. there is a robinsons mall with a market (more farang friendly that big C, and more expensive !!) plus restaurants and shops. i've been to bamboo bar a few times. i'm typically in bed early and wake up early in buriram. nightlife is not much. since you are going during a race at the track, many hotels will be sold out. i was just there during a moto bike race (SBK Motul ?) and ended up at rinradee place as klim hotel was full (as were many others). book room as soon as you can.
  2. well said. nearly everyone has an 'addiction' that they have to manage (of course many are in denial about it !!). if not done properly, it can lead to problems. as noted, it doesn't have to be drugs or alcohol. i knew a guy that was addicted to video games. i couldn't understand it. coca cola, fast food, how about gambling, that has taken a few people down. any of these things, including drugs and alcohol, can be dangerous, some are legal, some aren't. but you can survive them all if taken in moderation.
  3. OP - i'm not sure what bank you have/will have your funds in. most banks have a branch at CW on the floor below the immigration office. you may have been to CW already and know that, but thought i'd mention it just in case. you could get your bank letter there and then proceed to immigration. the letters don't take long to prepare, maybe 10 minutes, likely less.
  4. i believe it was 60,000thb. the article mentioned 10,000 but that 'offer' was doubled and it was per person. one out of the three guys was clean so maybe it was 30,000 per guilty party. sometimes just being in the same room/taxi can be a problem, even if you are clean. guilt by association. i was wondering about this 'set up' thing. in the USA they have police check points, typically to catch drunk drivers. but these three guys were traveling in a taxi and would not be stopped in the USA (not that the rules of the USA should be used around the world, just using it as an example). one time i watched a checkpoint at the intersection of asoke and sukhumvit. i was walking home about midnight and was on the pedestrian overpass going from asoke BTS toward the exchange tower. i stood there for about 30 minutes and the only cars that were stopped were taxis with farang inside (and many were with thai girls). if you are high on drugs in the USA in a taxi, you are pretty safe from the police. but not here thailand, they are looking for farang in taxi. i should say i didn't see anyone taken aside. saw about 30 taxis stopped, and the farangs were all searched (not the thai ladies with them).
  5. i just used my USD account (bangkok bank) to convert a visa exempt entry to a non imm O at CW. the IO's i dealt with had no problems with the USD account. things may have changed since your visit a few years back.
  6. i completed a conversion of visa exempt entry to non imm O this week. done in bangkok at CW using the 800,000thb method. i had to get two bank letters from bangkok bank, one for my USD account and one for my THB account (both at silom branch). i did that on thursday morning march 2. made all the required copies and filled out form thurs afternoon. on friday march 3, i went to CW in the morning. got a queue number for area C, the change visa section. i didn't wait more than 5 minutes, the IO took my papers and told me to come back in two weeks (monday march 20). i went back on monday march 20, got queue number, was immediately seated with and IO. she took my passport and told me to wait. 10 minutes later i had my passport back with the non immo O stamp inside. here is a list of required docs that i got from ubonjoe a few weeks ago. DOCUMENTS TO BE SUBMITTED IN SUPPORT OF THE APPLICATION FOR VISA OR VISA STATUS ALTERATION (NON-O): FOR RETIREMENT PURPOSES. The application must be submitted at least 15 days before visa expiration and, in case of overstaying in Thailand, application could not be submitted. 1.1 Form TM.86 for the foreigner, who has Tourist and Transit Visa and applies for Visa Status Alteration and applies for non-immigrant visa; or 1.2 Form TM.87 for the foreigner, who enters into Thailand without visa, but is allowed to stay in Thailand with a permit of stay for a period of 15 day, 30 days, 90 days and applies for non-immigrant visa. A copy of passport pages (for example, personal information page, last entries stamp, visa sticker and extension stamp (if any) and departure card (Form TM.6)) Either one 4x6 cm photograph or one 2 inch size photograph Application fee of Baht 2,000 5.1 A guarantee letter from the bank in Thailand in Thai language (Attention: Immigration Commissioner)* 5.2 A copy of all entries of the applicant’s passbook showing that the applicant has a savings or fixed deposit account of not less than Baht 800,000* (all documents must be in the Applicant’s name). 5.3 Evidence of foreign currency fund transferred to Thailand* *(Documents under 5.1, 5.2 and 5.3 must be issued and updated to be the same date of the Application and all documents must be in the Applicant’s name.)or A guarantee letter from the local or overseas Embassy or Consulate, proving the monthly pension of the Applicant not less than Baht 65,000 per month (together with reference documents showing the source of said monthly pension); or Evidence of deposited money under Clause 5 and evidence of income under Clause 6 (for one year) showing the total amount not less than Baht 800,000
  7. i'm also inclined to believe the story. some things seem a little strange from what i know of the topic (but thankfully i'm not an expert !!) (i) a taxi delivered them to the station, (ii) initial refusal of phone call(s), and (iii) ability to go to ATM to get money. i'm not positive but if i was in a taxi on the way to the station, i'd have a hard time not jumping out and running away. maybe the police followed on a motorbike or something. i've heard alot of stories over the years and they all include immediate use of phone and no ability to go to ATM. you are free to make calls as someone has to bring the money while you wait. but the way the fine is paid definitely rings true, you have to make the offer. they won't make it for you. i've made similar comments on a couple recent threads. it is good for these articles to come out so people know how to deal with it. obviously it is best to remain clean but it is even more obvious that isn't always the case here in bkk. it happens and the offenders need to be prepared.
  8. i recently converted a visa exempt entry into a non imm O visa at chaeng wattana (CW) in bangkok. the requirements for that are the same as those for an extension of stay for purposes of retirement. rental contract was not a requirement. i thought it was but ubonjoe pointed out that it was not required and i didn't bring one. i think this can vary by office. you do have to list your address on the immigration form. they may ask you a question about it if you list a hotel, i'm not sure. the only question they asked me was 'do you speak thai' ?
  9. you should let people know what area of thailand you will be looking to open an account. that will help get you the best quality answers. bangkok ? pattaya ? phuket ? chiang mai ? etc... in bangkok, i went to two banks and opened accts without a problem (both banks) on a tourist visa. this was feb 2016. if you need info on bangkok, let me know.
  10. i mention needing the friends as you may not be able to get to your rmoney. you might be sitting in the police station and they won't let you leave or give your room key to someone to go and access your funds for you. fines need to be paid quickly, before paperwork begins. i have friends and we cover each other when things happen. i even have a hi so thai connection through a buddy of mine who did some business deals here. the thai gave me his number specifically for safety in thailand. we've had dinner a few times. it is something that should be talked about amongst friends as you never know what can happen. i'm not doing anything illegal, same as you, to make sure i avoid unneccessary issues. that said, you never know. i know it is a bad cliche but it is true.
  11. i enjoy songkran every now and then. good to enjoy one year and then skip a few years, usually by leaving the country. this year i'll likely just stay in my room as much as possible. you have to be prepared to be 100% wet at all times. goggles or a big pair of sunglasses are a must. i even use ear plugs to avoid having streams of water powered right into my ear (and that is 'powered' not 'poured'). where are you staying near asoke ? some places are definitely worst than others.
  12. i would go with the O or OA as suggested above. i'm in the process of getting the O. if you are in NZ now and can satisfy/obtain the extra requirements of the OA (over the METV) that is probably the best choice. i don't spend much time in the USA (my home country) so getting the OA required a little more time and effort than an O. you can get the O visa in nearby countries or convert your entry into an O visa in bangkok. i was initially confused about the OA visa, thinking it was only good for two years of stay and then you had to get another one (and you must get from your home country). then i found out you can extend them annually by meeting financial conditions (800,000thb in thai bank, or 65,000/mo income, or combo of both).
  13. the debate on the ATMs in the arrival hall was whether they were any before immigration. it is well known that they are located in the arrivals hall after immigration. i'm not sure your link made it clear that there are ATMs before immigration. there was one person who posted a photo and it appeared that an ATM was before immigration but i've been through many times and haven't seen them. so i don't count on there being one until more proof is provided.
  14. a good example of what can happen (although thankfully no injury to wife and small fine, who cares about the car). anyone of one us can be in a bad situation here in thailand without doing anything wrong. people need to be aware of what to do in case it happens. pay the amount requested ASAP, in case of an accident where someone is injured (your fault), make a settlement ASAP with the injured family, etc.., etc.. some on TV seem to think they will never be in 'the situation' but it can happen when you least expect it. and you need to be ready. have cash readily available (in case it is your friend who has the problem), have a friend(s) who have access to money, even better, have a thai friend with money.
  15. if you are caught with a small amount of drugs (using the above example), you will likely be allowed to pay the low end of the fine at the police station. so about 60,000thb (note the 'or' in the sentence quoted, not 'and'). the longer you/or your financial situation drags it out, the fine increases. then, assuming you go to trial, you risk the jail sentence part of it. as i said in another recent thread, it is best to make a payment as soon as possible. what i don't understand is why this woman didn't make a payment ? she is thai, she knows the drill. i know she was not really taken in for drugs, it was for messing with the wrong people. however, i read about a fine somewhere and i think it was 400,000 or so. and she'd be free. then later on i saw a fine amount of over a million baht. just speculating but she may have passed on making the smaller payment and then ended up with a bigger one. a million baht is not chump change but when you are looking at a prison sentence in thailand - and you have a husband and four kids - i'd hope you/your family would make arrangements for the payment to be made so you are free to go. the husband is a foreigner so one would think his chances of raising the money would be alot better than hers. a real sad story for this woman.