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  1. Regarding requierements of my Embassy (Swiss) to register the Birth of a Child abroad and despite the fact we are Residential in Thailand therefore the legal act has to be done here under local law, surprisingly. So what exactly might be the proceed???
  2. What is the official proceed to obtain the Khor Ror 11,here in Chiangmai for acknowledge a Newborn, outside of Marriage for both foreigner Parents? What time should be expected until issued ?? Which authority is receiving application , requests? Please ONLY reply with personal experiences and helpful answers to lead this thread in a helpful way. Thank you very much.
  3. They also prevented the authorities to stop them form using those terrible dirty Diesel Engines and start setting up with cleaner cars. ALONE these says a lot how strong they Lobby is.
  4. why not if its helpful...? Strange Rule !!!
  5. even argues with IO wouldnt justify a life Ban for FRAUD ....or arbitrary decisions have been made, which is not impossible here in LOS
  6. still remains the question of the reason for the ban.... missing 90 days report wouldnt be declared as fraud isnt it ????
  7. people like you then ????
  8. AC Bar related ????
  9. ..believe it or not , there are !!!! Or do you have hace access to all Consulates around the world to proof otherwise ??? It was a Consul in Austria . As a short reminder: "Discretion of the Official person "
  10. ...there are certain consulates and maybe embassy as well , which issue 90 days TR Visa , i know from personal experience 100% sure , this just BTW
  11. Maybe she had too many "free drinks" at AC Bar ???
  12. ...this circumstances are completely ignored from authorities, which seems at least a little bit strange in the context of such a murdering...this alone makes the whole case looking far from been investigated properly and shows how desinteressed the police and prosecutor are to find out the truth and follow up to arrest the killers. any other ( civilized ) country he would be considered a crown witness or similar importance would be given as fact, especially as he has been treathened from Mon and his Police friend and its all on CCTV at 7-11 !!! Questions after questions .....
  13. the nightmare !!
  14. What a scenario !!! Better then any Hollywood Movie !!!!
  15. And surely many visitors, long term, would confirm that too. The whole diving Industry there is based on illegal work, since decades , and the biggest population group are Burmese workers, which stay there enslaved and abused from Police and local Mafia Families. Many of the Bungalows Resorts along the beach towards Sairee are all illegally built , directly at the Beach , which is clearly against Thai Law. Most of the foreign Dive Guides are without WP and stay on TR or ED Visas, i know it for sure , because i was there several months... And, now, such island is generating Millions after Millions, why would they jail such a important Business Owner like the suspect Mon in the first instance ??? The financial benefits obviously overweighted the life of two foreign tourists.