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  1. they don't have much stuff, though. in tuk com there's way more
  2. it can be. however, I didn't buy a ticket KL-BKK a week or 2 in advance while there were some cheap tickets for about $30. I though maybe they'd be even cheaper :) and ended up with tickets for $70 for the cheapest one, the normal price was around $90. I waited, and waited, an waited in KL because I didn't want to pay that much. why so expensive? it's just a 2 hour flight, and a very popular destination, it must be cheap.
  3. yeah, more strict rules, move advertisements.
  4. Where is the best place to buy computer stuff in Pattay? Only in tukcom?
  5. In terms of quality and price. How more likely is it that they'll sell you junk compared to other places? If quite likely, where should I buy computer stuff instead?
  6. they have only plastic ones
  7. Is a metal water bottle sold anywhere in Big C or Tesco? I don't want big, one of 500 ml or something like that. I haven't see one anywhere.
  8. Do you buy meals, sit, etc? I don't buy anything, thus AA is always cheaper for me. Skyscanner is ok for comparing prices.
  9. I took a flight on 16th from KL to Thailand, no one checked my 3 cabin bags.
  10. Really? I don't remember a time when any other company was cheaper than AirAsia. AirAsia is always cheaper. When I'm doing a search on skyscanner to compare price, AA is always on the 1st place with the lowest price.
  11. Rules are rules. But I'm asking what's on practice. And it's not only me overweighted.
  12. I've been seeing that for around 2 years already. But I see it more and more often lately, like they're preparing all their passangers that the day will come and .... Today I heard an annoucement in a plain about the matter 2 times. Or do they really charge already for more that cabin 2 bags or if they weight more that 7 kg? But I've been carrying 3 cabin bags: 2 laptops in 2 bags and 1 big backpack of around 15kg and have made around 15 flights starting last year up til now and no problem -- no one has ever asked me about my bags.
  13. Yai Junction&StationLast=Bangkok I see only check, fares, time. Where?