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  1. Now here is a man with great PR skills, Pattaya should hire him if they want to change it from a nock>>> shop?
  2. In every country of the world you see this happen But never in this neck of the woods Passing a law will not help, as no one there to enforce it They must be brain dead here or very close to it
  3. "Happy Zones' Loads of our quality tourists and local ex pats queuing up here then They will be under the impression its Yaba Yaba time
  4. Obsessive Compulsive Disorder Any doctors know how to cure this, its brought on by Reds, Blacks, Shins and PPT Very nasty disease so do not get to close Busy day today now off to the gym for a lie down
  5. An idea for the Chosen One Spend some of your money on creating water storage and stop trying to buy subs and aircraft you will never have the balls to use in a war Now that is helping your people and the country you love so much
  6. Get rid of the nobs at the top is the only answer the real crims
  7. You're living in dreamland mate Yes you pay for it in many ways but you will not get a cent from this lot that is for sure
  8. Made Fools? How can you make a fool out of a government of them
  9. This lot have a serious problem no Education No Brains No Future Blame anyone but themselves Tourists are mad even thinking of a holiday here as always the scapegoat Fake Fake Fake, yes that is what they get from their new best friends Next new idea please for the hub Scared Sh>>tless of even their own shadow
  10. I am surprised the self inflicted chosen one has not had an idea under 44 You Will Save 25% of weekly Salary and I will look after it for you
  11. Small D>>> Syndrome big problem in this neck of the woods So I was told
  12. Yes it does if you add in the backhanders
  13. Looks normal building standards to me, but which immigrants built it?