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  1. For once the bib had the right idea, wish it would catch on, there would soon be some prime real estate on the market if they did
  2. Why buy one? You can get it free in Pat as long as you can ride a motorcycle.
  3. Nearly right, the best thing you can do in this neck of the woods is find the exit gate while you still can, its a better life on the other side and the grass is greener
  4. At last someone with the right idea unlike so many others and yellow not a Terr, O my its the biggest organized Ts in the area led by a guy who has been responsible for many many deaths, Propaganda can make some with a low IQ think as they do. Silly people, time has a habit of showing up those who are naive.
  5. How many chains this year so far? all from tourists. Pat is a happy place and happiness is returning if you are a crim, peaceful yes if you stay indoors 24/7 otherwise hell on earth
  6. East London mate where we say it as it is and cigs where called fags way before the Americans where invented fags being an American word and like so may others miss used Like Tyre for my car, US its Tire which means in good old English To Tire maybe from over work Not everyone in the world who speaks English understands it as you see daily on here, but those who are English do and use it to their local regions. You have a nice evening
  7. N also said that if he were to be conscripted, he was certain he would be discriminated against and assaulted He got that a bit wrong, should have been They will kill him! as per Conscription is the only way to get 300.000 to keep the 60 million in check, aint used for anything else
  8. Looks like a soapy will cost b2000 next year then, Its a Thai thing Buy one Get one Free or in this case two, My other half loves these offers and the word bargain. I keep telling her its all this Chinese made crap being dumped on the market. Fake copy stuff, of late she is starting to agree with me. The only thing they could do with a sub is people smuggling, these are old designs the US or UK could hear one start up from a thousand miles away, mind you he might be going to invade Laos. I hear its dammed hot out there right now so investing in water storage may be a better Idea or just go to Subway and buy one of those much cheaper.
  9. 1000 baht increase in the cost of a soapy?, Fags, Booze, Taxi's VAT £3 for coffee in BK a rip off on every corner, corruption on every street. OK here we go Bankruptcy must be around the corner and tourists off to V&C. What the hell is a soapy, here I just get in my bath and turn on the wirlpool, but cannot be bothered with doing that of late, as it does soap up in places I do not want it, My poor old eyes
  10. So fly Emirates to Dubai (or others) in that direction with you laptop and guess what will happen to your laptop if you are flying on to UK or USA, you will be donating it to Dubai, because it is not going on a flight out of there that is for sure. Looks like next on the list will be, sorry I cannot spell it but begins with a T
  11. e-cigarettes (imported) 5 years but drugs also imported? but by the real criminals, lets legalise it say those at the top, so now we know who are filling their pockets and destroying the country. Must have been in the wrong line when brains where being handed out or is everyone on the stuff and that is why we see stupid fake news stories so often here
  12. 50 years for fraud, but for murder? Where are we?
  13. Speed Kills and he was clocking it, love to see up the road was the intersection on a bend or straight?, if a straight he could have seen it and took action but not at that stupid speed. Charge should be death by dangerous driving
  14. its about what you expect in this neck of the woods, no consideration for the family poor kids what a life they have to look forward to here. Mr Farang move on seems to be the cry of late, so Mr Frang should do just that, life is so much better for those who did. Maybe cold but I have not been bitten by anything of late, which I could not say a few months ago. Those Kids deserve better but will not get it here a real shame. There are two sides to a story but with some here there is only one side as they are judge jury and executioner by reading some your comments you know it all, sort of says why you are there. Give the Guy a break until you know the truth as here its all bull and you know it. Have a nice day, bet those kids will not.