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  1. Any change in her condition?
  2. The traffic policeman was trafficking... Literally.
  3. I have seen plenty of snatches in Pattaya but not all of them I would describe as gold.
  4. So???? I fear the "Nanny State" of the western world is coming to Thailand.
  5. I wonder how big a safe you could buy for 100000B
  6. Might as well walk down a Soi with B1000 notes on a string around your neck.
  7. I have just read Nadia has been found and caught, In a nearby Deer enclosure. Makes sense...Thai female....Food...
  8. Better get the fun police onto this...
  9. My parents had me done when I was born. I couldn't walk for nearly two years.
  10. Toss him in a crocodile pen and see how he likes to be bitten.
  11. The 1 hour 40 minute trip will be the big selling point. IMHO
  12. The brake lights I see are just after the accident has occurred. @ 7:00:00 Watch the "silver colored" pickup in front of the taxi, the white 4x4 in front of it and the large truck at the head of the line as they bank-up. This is after the dark pickup in front of the camera car moves out of the way. @ 7:00:01 the Dark pickup is also braking. The rider may not have been speeding {breaking the law} but looks like he was going too fast for the conditions. EDIT. The taxi not indicating to move right again may have contributed to the riders error. 2nd edit. Watching to the end I lost count of the infringements by other road users.
  13. Except for the traffic in front slowing. I see brake lights in front of the cab. There is no way to tell how fast the bike was going either. For me, the Jury is out. Another look and I see the cab moved right again and so maybe blocked the riders "escape" route. Jury still out.