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  1. But But But the ghosts!!!!!????? or are thais gonna tell me uuu noo unnerstaaan and that the monks and ghosts said its ok--the ghosts have hiso condos now!
  2. There are 2 blue cans in front of my apt--i have gotten out there with the broom as too many ppl pile sh*t in there and the damn holy dogs get into it so theres crap laying all over the next days--but glad to have the cans i guess..
  3. I thought those were to be dumped by holy banyan trees I gotta say as superstitious as thais are thats a surprising pic! OK my NEXT idea--how about a big pic of the Late KING---rest in peace If that didnt work with the spirit houses --maybe chip in for the night vision cams OH --AND LASTLY---its a DIRTY job but just tonite i saw a security guard and a old lady near my room digging thru trash today--everyday people! Point being the TRASH itself cold lead BACK to the perp--paperwork-mail-etc
  4. 3rd point--what about a spirit house--would they DARE upset the DEAD!!!!!???
  5. Install night vision cams as i seem to see cameras everywhere here...get the tag # of the dumpers and go get em.....or just put a sleeping security guard Or even the FAKE cameras or signs that let them THINK they are being recorded! Gotta name and shame here it seems....just ask the mbike lady at gas station
  6. so turns another page in the LOS...gone in a puff of smoke...
  7. Unprecedented!!!!??? Hoping to see the copy knock off shops Panda ears? Kitty?..Whatever happened to that bar that had shirtless dudes awhile back..farang models... How about a coyote coffee shop?...
  8. blahblahblahalcoholblahblahblahsongkranblahblah7daysblahblahblah
  9. I arrived by AIR to BKK got a 30 day entry--extended THAT,,=60 days Just went to mae sai/ burma and got another exempt by LAND=30 days I will extend that as well=4 months total in thailand WITHOUT a paper visa
  10. Coming back from mae sai friday night between CR and CM spotted men in woods LIGHTING fires..looked like xmas lights..a orange trail zigzagging thru the woods. Tell me AGAIN how its burma or drought or ANY other excuses apart from TRUTH. I even smell the house next door to my apt burning trashing in darkness of night...
  11. she works hard for the money-so hard for it honey she works hard for the money so u better treat her right hello darling..joop joop no money no honey
  12. Feel free to forward me that list of names and we can have a ritual public flogging of me... Dont forget your torches and pitchforks...does this mean our friendship is over????.. Funny thing is those that you assume are offended want to converse with me...odd... Might i suggest passing me by--a massage?...nice walk outside--cup of tea?..sangsom?
  13. Thank and one other posted get what i was implying....
  14. She seems remorseful by the look on her face....