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  1. I was thinking along those lines what world class sports take place in burri ram.Serious question
  2. One story said 2800 tabs found in the car!!? Cant see them giving up cctv
  3. Some interesting pov's here not totally sure what the thai guys in my village really think of me ,friendly enough to my face who knows.What about you long term falangs living here ,have male thai attitudes changed much over the years.I certainly agree that some of the younger thai guys dont come across as too friendly .Only lived here for 10 months but learn quickly its no where near the same as holidaying.
  4. Pretty spectacular electric storm in north chaiyaphum province last night
  5. Never noticed the difference but for sure unhealthy
  6. Thailands cruelest mother? Probably not
  7. I know my bro worked for an american oil co. 1 month 1 month off entering on visa exempt for yrs
  8. Passport?
  9. 40c in chaiyaphum province this pm
  10. I was just wondering what will now happen to these guns and ammunition,or am i being naieve
  11. Dave_boo is spot on we are the same invites are regular ,we go enjoy food booze etc go home sleep
  12. Pretty sure i just travelled that road last weekend, it is pretty hairy in a pick up, and loads of buses and big lorries also.A 30m fall, that is a long way down.Unfamiliar with the road and probably pitch black.condolences to all
  13. Two nice vids, our house was finished last september similar lines to goanna.Well done to both of you .