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  1. Although it's breaking news, it won't appear on TV for a long while but TM has another arrow in her quiver. Deutche Bank have announced they are committed to staying in London. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-39378521 So much for the financial institutions lining up to leave.
  2. So companies moving manufacturing plants to countries like Romania and Poland because labour is cheaper there has nothing to do with it. Now who is naive? Just one of hundreds of links about companies moving to cheaper labour areas in countries like Poland. https://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/04/09/germ-a09.html
  3. Read the post. It does not say ALL.
  4. It would appear that a police woman has also died. I have deleted several drafts about this as my feelings would only cause liberal posters to cry out in shock that I could feel this way. Having had several colleagues murdered by the IRA I have no sympathy for any terrorist caught and terminated with extreme prejudice as the saying goes..
  5. Or that the majority of those EU countries have far lower labour rates and can under cut anything we make
  6. This is real news, far more so than the endless comments on Donald Trump So much important news events are happening around the world that many never get to read about but if Donald Trump sneezes, it's a major event. An attack like this was expected but when it happens, it takes everyone by surprise. Those cowardly terrorists are loosing ground in Iraq and Syria and so all they can do is murder innocent people in the name of their religion.
  7. Been watching the news for the last hour about the attack at Westminster. One policemen stabbed, one man shot and a car looks like it tried to ram people on Westminster Bridge. No posting on World News by TV but as it is not involving Donald Trump, I suppose it is not considered news. Update.... At least one woman killed by the car on the bridge.
  8. I must be the odd one out here as I don't get adverts. I don't use an add blocker and use Firefox as the browser, but no adverts... Note to TV. Why am I being discriminated against?????
  9. Thanks for the intro... Although this is 2014, the figures for 2016 would probably be even worse as our trade gap is widening. Germany has the biggest trade deficit with us—it sold £27 billion more in goods and services to us in 2014 than we sold to it, according to UK data.
  10. Put in perspective and not just a small piece of the truth, German exports (top 10) for 2016 were as follows: In other words, they would loose their 3rd largest export country. It would not happen of course, probably in the case of a hard Brexit, it would drop to somewhere around the Spanish level. Still a sizable reduction in export. Further, you have to look at what is affected, i.e cars and heavy machinery. All employing large number of skilled workers who more importantly are voters. United States 9178900.00 Sep/16 France 9029074.00 Sep/16 United Kingdom 7809086.00 Sep/16 China 6589718.00 Sep/16 Italy 5528732.00 Sep/16 Austria 5355760.00 Sep/16 Poland 4868073.00 Sep/16 Switzerland 4607001.00 Sep/16 Belgium 3679038.00 Sep/16 Spain 3549003.00 Sep/16
  11. Will you ever post information on a thread or are you stuck in FM criticism mode? You seem to be more of a post critic than a thread contributor.
  12. I am going for a very stiff drink, I actually agree with you. Shock, horror. That is the biggest problem.
  13. If anything, I am an underachiever. Never went to university as I come from a poor family and had to start work early. Came up the hard way through the army and they taught me to look after myself as no one else would. Learned to use the system rather than fight it. I am so looking forward to the opportunities offered by Brexit. The talks will be hard and in the end industry and commerce will put the politicians in their place as jobless people mean lost votes...... the politicians nightmare. Look for many more trade agreements between the UK and Asia and the opportunities these offer. If the EU play hard, there is nothing we buy from them that cannot be bought cheaper elsewhere.
  14. Try 60s, 70s, 80s and 90s finally ending up in Iraq during and after the Sadam years. I did what I had to do and that meant traveling, working all hours, and mainly in dangerous areas yes it paid off and my wife and I enjoy the fruits of our labours. I would disagree about today. If anything there are more opportunities for anyone prepared to think outside the box. My own daughter (41) is a single mother with a teenage son living in London. She put herself through night class and became a chartered accountant without any help from me or her mother (ex wife). Despite her background, she works with me to invest and mange her savings as well as put aside money for a pension. It doesn't take much knowledge to invest money and get a decent return well above bank interest rates. (Top tip...Lloyds Bank, Shire Pharmacueticals and Berkeley Group for long term hold and good dividends...should see a 20% + gain over the next 2 years) My point is all about taking responsibility. We will be so much better off after Brexit (hard or soft). The opportunities are there for the taking provided that we don't get Mr Corbyn in as PM.
  15. Do you ever contribute anything constructive?