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  1. I told a friend I was going to buy a condo in Thailand. He joked that I should get one with no balcony. Maybe he wasn't joking. Unreal how many people fall from condos, hotels, elevators and now malls. I might start wearing a parachute just in case.
  2. When I was that age, I thought I was indestructible too. Hopefully a lesson for others. Rest in peace.
  3. They weren't too concerned with other people's rights, property and feelings when they were on the outside. I'm not concerned about theirs. I hear the prisons are grossly overcrowded so maybe new facilities aren't a bad idea, just not for trannies specifically.
  4. The book must have used terms like 'retard' or 'cripple'.
  5. You know what they; sticks and stones may break my bones but names will hurt my feelings and give me ptsd that will prevent me from ever finding happiness again in this life.
  6. If she's anything like the husband killers in the west, she'll claim she was abused.
  7. They're the Thai gangsters that kill old men and make it look like heat stroke. Lol. I'll remember the comma next time.
  8. There are ways around land ownership laws. I wouldn't bother with a lease.
  9. Unfortunate. Protect yourself from the heat people.
  10. 2 or 3 maybe. 5 is a waste of time and too much risk.
  11. In other news, I like pepperoni and extra cheese in my pizza.
  12. I thought inside job too but the burglar hit 5 homes. Might be insurance fraud if they're covered for theft.
  13. Call me paranoid but i refuse to ride a bike in this country. Won't even ride a bike taxi.
  14. I wonder if the guard searching his car was about to find something illegal so this guy desperately created a diversion by yelling bomb. Did they finish searching the car?