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  1. If it get warm, the PVC thread should not shrink, opposite. Put a bit more white tape and screw it fully in, more as on the pic. Yes, there different quality of the glue, I'm very happy with the Thai-Pipe brand. I'm not cleaning with pipe cleaner, but I always sanding the pipe with sanding papers, so the glue can stick better.
  2. I have used always the "Weber" brand grouting, they have many colors and special one for bathroom and kitchen. I bought them in Thai-watsadu. Have a look at the website of Weber grout.
  3. You easily can check with a simple magnet if it is stainless steel or only look like that, the cheap stuff are magnetic. Stainless steel are not magnetic, same as aluminum. I have bought some nice one in the big home shop, for the shower, no rust at all.
  4. The Fkuda Fd-9 its only compatible with this Fkuda lasers. FDG-231 EK-226P FDG-232R no other one.
  5. Okay, good to know, thanks for the info.
  6. Shallow well = borehole? I'm not sure if you can use this kind of pump for a borehole. But if the pump must suck water from below the level of the pump, you must make sure the pip is always full with water, so you will need a non-return valve ( footer valve ) on the end of the pip, else they get only air to suck and no water. Also for the first time you start the pump, you must fill the pump and the pip with water.
  7. Yes, most of the hardware houses have it. In black and galvanized and different long, but i have seen only in 8 mm dia.
  8. Ups .... sorry ubonjoe it's right, I just had a look at the website. As I'm a Swiss citizen I not need a visa for Laos, so I was thinking most of " farangs" don't need too.
  9. Im always going to Nong Khan for my 90 day Non O visa run, and always do it my own. Normally it is done in 1 hour back in Thailand. All you need it's 20 baht for the bus over the bridge and again for the way back.
  10. I would put a o-ring on the male thread in the wall and then screw the valve in till they press the o-ring. Or put a flat o-ring in the female thread and screw them in.