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  1. I refer you to your previous post - obviously you are living the dream. Just how much room do you think a 1 TB drive takes up in luggage? OK, tell us how you access all these websites free. Prove how much smarter you are.
  2. I doubt there is a single person on the planet that can claim they got their timing right every time - except, of course, the spruikers who will reveal all their investment secrets to you, if you will just send them some money. The best anyone can do is diversify the risk and look for value propositions. Although with the amount of accounting massage that goes on, and is winked at by company boards, that's getting increasingly difficult to do.
  3. As a vegetarian, you will find vegetables and fruit in the markets cheap and plentiful. It gets even better when stuff like mangoes, pineapples and long beans are in season. Eating out, I can get a three course lunch at Promenada for 120 baht. The Siripanna hotel has an all-you-can-eat lunch buffet for 189 baht. Movie tickets are about 120 baht. Not many English-speaking movies, however. You may want to consider loading up a 1-2 TB external hard drive with as many TV series and movies as you can muster. Modern TV's here will play direct from their USB socket.
  4. Sounds like you have the entertainment girl-wise pretty well sewn up. I'm a tad envious. It's best to set boundaries with them after you've met face-to-face. Many girls think of a falang as an ATM. So asking about your entertainment budget is a bit like asking how long the piece of string is.Up to you. There are sometimes ads for scooters on bahtsold. They are usually the more upmarket ones. What you need is a scooter with less than 20,000 km on the odometer. Hondas command a premium over Yamahas here, it's a fashion thing because IMHO Yamahas are just as good. Beware of Chinese SYM's, they are crap. There is a large secondhand scooter yard at the Ruamchok market on the Phrae road just past the second ring road. Good luck!
  5. The OP doesn't appear to include condo rental in his list of budget items. A condo with swimming pool in Chiang Mai is about 9000 - 12,000 baht a month.Usually 2 months security deposit required as well. If the OP moves out to the San Kamphaeng area, he can rent a room with ensuite and aircon for about 4000 baht a month, including internet. However, unless he has considerable fluency in Thai he won't meet play for pay girls out there. Or the other kind for that matter. Those rooms don't have cooking facilities. Don't know why he's budgeting for a cleaning lady, it's not hard to keep a 36 sqm room clean by yourself. A secondhand scooter for 15000 to 20000 baht will pay for itself in terms of rental within a year.A bike rented in Chiang Mai for 1800 baht/month will be clapped out. At 20,000 baht per month the OP would be existing, not living. I''d say 40,000 baht is a minimum. Is the OP aware he may not be able to get a Work Permit for his photography profession?
  6. You can send me a deposit on a bridge in Sydney Harbour if you are looking for a new home for the $180.
  7. I doubt there is much you can do about it. If you complain to him or the authorities you could risk things getting ugly.Move if you are able to. Yet another argument in favour of renting in Thailand.
  8. A lot of the very cheap ones are completely clapped out, have done over 200,000 km and/or have had minimal servicing.
  9. I don't think you'll find too many nations in the world that thought Trump's election as President was good for America or the world. Sorry, I forgot - most Americans don't care what anyone else thinks.
  10. I am wondering why a secondhand Toyota Vios is excluded from consideration. Plenty of them around at that price level, and the engine is bulletproof.
  11. It's a crazy world we live in. Trump's infrastructure spending drives the US deeper into debt as more money is printed to pay for the infrastructure. The dollar weakens when markets think that spending won't happen, and less money will be printed. It's a bit like Trump's personal wealth - no-one except for him knows whether he's a billionaire, or drowning in debt. Looking for logic in currency markets is like trying to find a virgin in Pattaya.
  12. OK, I'll clarify the Australian employment statement for you. Australia is on the upper level in terms of purported freedom from corruption. Thailand isn't what you would call famous for its lack of corruption. So when a shining light like Australia is producing a completely corrupted statistic on employment, do you think a Thai bank, which has a vested interest in making housing figures look good, will be as pure as the driven snow? Call it conspiracy theory if you want. I call it healthy skepticism. I don't feel I can agree with your statement Thai owners are not from Mars. My condo has the situation where the body corporate fees have not increased for 20 years. The management has run out of money. Every time they have a vote on increasing the fees, the Thai majority (mostly absentee) vetoes it. So it's looking as if the swimming pool could be shut down to save the considerable costs of running it. If that does happen, there will be the following consequences: Renters like me will desert it. Rental income will adjust to a much lower level. The capital values will drop like a bus off a cliff. Yes, that is a one-off example. I do know,however, of other condos in CM which have ongoing problems such as rusty water or dodgy electrics because there is no money in their sinking funds to fix them. You'll have to explain the term plastic Oz to me, haven't struck it before.
  13. We'll have to agree to disagree. Property will always be a good investment for someone in their twenties to forties. For someone in their seventies, like you and me, it's not a good investment. I make far more on the stock market and peer-to-peer lending than I pay out in rental. A ratio of ten to one last year. No falang OWNS property in Thailand. If it's a house, a Thai owns the land underneath it. If it's a condo, there is mandated 51% Thai ownership. To me, the definition of ownership is you have complete control over something. Here, no falang does. Over the 9 years I have lived here, my rent has decreased from 10,000 baht/month to 8500 baht/month.Same apartment. Landlords in Chiang Mai are desperate for good tenants - it's a renters market here with so many untenanted properties. The other issue for me is the inconvenient fact a falang has no legal protection against an unfavourable Immigration decision. Anyone can be booted out with no recourse. In that situation, I would much rather be a renter in terms of potential loss. You can quote as many official statistics as you like. I gave up believing in them years ago because they are almost always manipulated to suit a particular agenda. Example: Employment statistics in Australia. One hour's employment a MONTH, and you are no longer unemployed. Yeah right. You go your way,and I'll go mine. As long as we are both happy, no worries.
  14. If they've been still able to pay their rent after 23 years on a fixed income, what does that say about capital appreciation of property here?
  15. I thought your posts were prickly enough already without bringing cacti in.