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  1. u shriveled prune. guava. not ripe old fruit.
  2. cambodia sounds great on paper but long term living there is much different. i tried it for 9 months living in pp, sihanoukville and finally siem reap (until my lease expired) and wont be returning anytime soon. i was living quite well also, if i had been on a budget it would have been much worse, probably would have lasted 4 months tops. there is a good reason why the visa is so easy there. it's not a mistake that it is. think about it. my major gripe was being harrassed every time i stepped out the door, literally, by moto dop taxi driver scumbags who had this crap eating smile on their faces and dont know what the word no means. do you want to live like that?
  3. the major challenge for me has been living here for my own reasons, but not really liking the company of most thais (the only ones i can stand are the younger women). everyone else, especially the lower class issan type men and older generation, seem to 'bug me' in ways that i never got comfortable with. in the uk it would be called 'nagging' i suppose (coming into my space or sphere when it's unwanted). all the other challenges of living here are not an issue for me and can be dealt with without much trouble. i have tried altering my living situation to places where i could 'do my own thing' most of the time, but the nagging stuff felt like it was just become culmative rather then being solved. so far i can support the saying that if you dont like the people, its not a good idea to move to another country. i have not found the ideal where im in an isolated living situation with access to necessities, living very affordably and surrounded by beautiful women, without the hassles of most of the local populations problems, yet, but im still looking.
  4. I got pretty depressed living in a condo in hot weather which led to sleeping until afternoon daily and not doing much since it was so hot outside. If I drink the night before it's even worse. but having an outdoor area or bigger place I am much happier. The minute I step outside my mood improves. If there are no loud Thais there or noise it improves even more. i have been to many poor countries and have found that the local population are typically 'energy suckers'. that is, they are needy in one way or another and if you a long termer it's going to effect you. tourist locations are the worst. your in pattaya with a city full of whores and scumbags who definately quality as needing something from you the minute you step outside. the tuk tuk, taxi and other invasive tout scum, which in thailand is not that bad compared to other locations, can really drain you as their energy does enter even if completely ignored, especially long term. one symptom of the 'energy sucking' taking effect is wanting to isolate, which results in low energy and fatigue because your isolating and staying inside, especially if your on a small budget. isolation can lead to depression and even suicide. alcohol makes things worse and accelerates the process but appears to help the isolation while your drinking.
  5. I like how in the story knowing someone who speaks thai just makes everything ok kind of like a universal problem solver. An omnipotent jest ire, knowing the all powerful word of thai. Almost mythological. It seems to overcome everything (except the Lao, they never did quite change as completely as they should have, jao!)
  6. There is a train from train station to pattaya @ 6:55am weekdays cost 31-120 baht for those who do not like buses or minivans and want some open air scenery on the way. im going with this option. Looking forward to spreading out and not being crunched up with a bunch of musty crusty mates with ac on high. Also has the benefit of not needing to deal with van drivers, transfers etc. also if someone farts, which they are going to do in that time, I can just take a stroll, and don't have to smell it and be afraid to roll the window down, mate.
  7. Thais don't like what tourists like. Thais like ac malls where thee sun don't shine. The ones who eat street side do it from financial necessity. Eating on the street loses face.
  8. don't sign a one year lease anywhere
  9. it extends from the termination date, not the date you go in.
  10. Bell trans picks up all along sukhumvit and I can buy tickets online. is it a minivan or a full size coach bus with luggage compartment, anyone know?
  11. If your interested in thai culture or distinguishing yourself from the idiots pattaya is about the last place you'd want to be
  12. I've been here 5 years and have not been scammed out of anything
  13. I already tried the Mexico bit. Sounds like a good idea, but I hated it. left early and back in tl. anywhere with an easy visa is going to be crap is the rule, and Mexico confirmed my suspicions on this, as also did cambodia. There's a reason some of these places are easy to get into.
  14. Used to be a fan of unfiltered kuta kreteks