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  1. His passport photo is his real photo. It wasn't the photo that got my attention. It was the date of birth. On his resume and to the room mate he claimed to be 28 years old, yet the passport listed him as being 23. Immigration would not have known because the passport and picture were correct it was just that the details belonged to someone else.
  2. Unfortunately it's a system that won't change any time soon. Trying to change it is like pushing water uphill.
  3. The Sena area around Wat Chedi Thong.
  4. This is one of the last pictures we have of him. He often wears a black Nike hat backwards to cover his hair and a crucifix on a long chain on the outside of his shirt when out in public.
  5. This guy has spun so many stories to so many people that it wouldn't suprise me if she didn't believe me.
  6. Do some research on it before you post. Lots of cases where suspects have been given bail for child sex offences. http://q13fox.com/2016/12/28/pierce-county-man-out-on-bail-on-charges-related-to-raping-drugging-children http://www.nh1.com/news/nh-man-charged-with-raping-2-children-released-on-35-000-bail https://www.usnews.com/news/massachusetts/articles/2017-02-22/judge-reduces-bail-of-man-facing-child-rape-charges
  7. His apperance varies quite a bit depending on wether he is growing facial hair or not. He has an average build and I would list him as being around 172cm tall, based on comparing him in photos where he is standing close to people I have met before. I'm only sure of three locations where they have been before, Rayong, Khon Kaen and Pathum Thani. There was a report of someone seeing them in Chiang Mai but I haven't heard anything further. He used to ride a red and black Honda CBR 150 which he might still have or may have abandoned it by now. My ex is short at 153cm tall and around 50kg. She has two distinguishing marks, a brithmark on her neck, just below her jaw line) that looks like a love bite (she used to get comments about it all the time) and a mole on the side of her nose.
  8. I think she might be helping him, but as you say I don't know for sure. I did inform her straight after I found out about his record and fugitive status. So if she is still with him then putting two and two together points to it.
  9. Her room mate was a European girl that we were mutual friends with when we were still a couple. So she is more in tune with telling if a western guy is lying. She contacted me to tell me there was something definitely off about this guy and she had concerns. She mentioned first of all that she had seen his resume and the picture he had on it was not him at all and that he had crazy eyes (her words). She then wisely asked to see his passport and took a picture. The passport listed him as being 23 and she apparently told him that he looks older to which he replied that he was ex special forces and had been placed in the witness protection program. All of these were big red flags and she got me involved. I came up empty at first just finding that his references and education were all false. It was only after the pickup incident that I started digging again. I found a happy birthday post on Facebook that matched the date of birth and name in the passport, so I contacted the relatives who posted it. That's how I found his true identity after which I contacted the US Embassy.
  10. I actually explained this in another post but the original post I quoted was deleted and so was my reply to it. I wouldn't have gotten involved if it weren't for her room mate contacting me with her fears about my ex's new boyfriend. Then a few other friends who met Hall also expressed their concerns and so I simply dug a little and came up empty at first. Eventually a mutual friend contacted me to ask if I knew where my ex was, as her new boyfriend had borrowed and wrecked his pickup truck. That's when I finally made contact with the real Tyler's family and was informed that the picture was not of Tyler, but an old friend of theirs named Jack Hall.
  11. As soon as I found out the truth of his identity (around November 25th last year). Before that I would just check in with them for the sake of our son.
  12. If you find out your ex is involved with a known Fugitive, would you not want to inform her Thai family so that they can help her? Especially when you have tried multiple times to help her yourself? I assumed that her family would go to the police with any information they had on her whereabouts, because she was in contact with them.
  13. I mentioned this in the interview last night, but it didn't make it to print. He wrecked a mutual friend's pickup truck and I promised the friend that I would try to find him. I still thought his name was Tyler back then. This was around the time of the call I got from Cambodia, mentioned in the article, in which I was asked for money. It was around this time that I tracked down the real Tyler's family and found out the truth about his identity.
  14. Hi everyone. I just registered so I can reply directly to this, as certain facts need to be explained. I am Neung's estranged husband. There were far more facts I presented in the interview that never made it into the actual article. I will be more than happy to clarify any questions that anyone may have as long as I feel they won't hamper the investigation.