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  1. The usual Thai line of "it was not my fault" is trotted out yet again. This time it is the referee who caused the guard to be shot because he judged the fight differently to what punk no.1 would have hoped causing him to lose money thus making him bash said referee. Not only that, punk no.1 was not aware that his assistant, punk no.2, carried a gun. Therefore it was all punk no.2's fault.
  2. Just remember farang wet weather young guns. Last year a young man clutching his water pistol was fined 500 baht for being naked from the waist up during Songkran. For better or worse Thailand has some obscure law which does not allow men or women to expose their nipples. The RTP can use it at their convenience should someone be causing a problem. However it seems culturally acceptable for Thai men to wander about semi-naked without penalty.
  3. Just another step toward totalitarianism.
  4. What about sexual harassment of men? This old rooster would be disappointed if he were not sexually harassed by women while going about his daily shopping around the Sois of Sukhumvit; be it Songkran or any other time? It's always certain to bring on a few cock-a-doodle dos.
  5. They don't look much like druggies to me. Calling for a "just society" seems a futile goal. Police acting on undercover anonymous instructions from on high...... "get rid of these pesky protesters anyway you can".
  6. I thought that this year's Songkran celebrations were to be somewhat restrained out of respect for the late King Bhumibol. Samui seems to be an exception. With admission charges at 2,800 baht it is no surprise that money overrides respect.
  7. Essential phrases like such will need to be learned first. 1. We collect insurance payment monthly. 2. We need reward to help recover stolen property. 3. We cannot help unless you pay. 4. You make traffic violation. How much you have? 5. We busy. Come back tomorrow. 6. Donations to the Policeman's Ball most welcome.
  8. They are certainly doing a good job of rounding up the old brigade corruptors. Wonder when they will start cleaning out the incumbents? Foghorn says with tongue firmly planted in beak.
  9. And to wind up his rant he proclaims............. “Soldiers don’t want to shoot anybody,” What is he meaning? Is he meaning what he says? Is there some likelihood the cops will fire on some serious traffic offenders similar to the shooting of drug offenders in the Philippines? That seems to be taking martial law to the extreme which could be a look into the future.
  10. There has been no mention of torpedoes being included in the price. Sure thing these add-on extras will come at a high price. So like the aircraft carrier there might be the subs with no torpedoes. Which might be a good thing as it is easy to imagine them firing them willy-nilly around the Gulf and pity help any ship that happens to be sailing in their path.
  11. Oh the irony of it! These "sleepy time, foot to the floor boys" giving advice on road laws and safety. And they come up with these pathetic excuses. 1. Insufficient funds to make many of the adjustments required. 2. Congested traffic conditions prevent vans from speeding. 3. Wearing of seat belts should be the responsibility of passengers. This rooster won't ever be riding in a minibus again; not after the last terrifying trip from BKK to Koh Chang.
  12. The government has been spending like drunken sailors over the past few years and it would be easy to believe the their piggy bank is now empty. It is likely to remain that way until Thaksin helps top it up with back taxes and a whole new suite of taxes and duties are levied to make up the shortfall. When piggy starts to rattle again and the time is right they will splurge it on the submarines, strike aircraft and tanks; none of which do anything to improve the economy or restore the decaying infrastructure.
  13. Have been here a long time. Probably longer than you. I wasn't commenting on Thaksin I was commenting on the lack of funds to keep the economy rolling. And rolling it is ....backwards. Get yourself focused on the topic of discussion rather than side issues.
  14. Hope the tree survived. Just a warm-up run for Songkran.
  15. The Chief of Thailand's Highways, Somchai Kaosamran, should accept the blame himself for Thailand having the second highest road death toll in the world. After all he is the one in charge. This dufus just sits there and let's it all happen in front of his eyes. He is a total failure and if he was in a real job he would be sacked.