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  1. Phil was probably biting his tongue when that picture was taken.
  2. And there you have it, right or wrong. The majority of posters on this thread are level headed enough to understand the injustice of making nicoteen and alcohol legal while outlawing harmless weed. The remaining posters are still living in 1872 and probabley get offended by seeing naked piano legs.
  3. The snakes probably were shoes but in their raw unprocessed state.
  4. So if drugs are made legal (like alcohol) the players involved in the drug trade (slave trade, gun runners, drug smugglers) would be deprived of their criminal activities. This would free up law enforcement officers, enabling a further drop in crime. Drugs could then be regulated (just like alcohol), taxes could be collected and the produce could be kept pure and free from dangerous contaminates. The reason why drugs are such a problem is because users are forced to buy from criminals. Congratulations, your post proves why drugs should be made legal.
  5. Please Steven, show me where I said that I want to get High on drugs. At work I am subjected to random drug testing, so even if I wanted to take drugs I can't. My point is that alcohol impacts more peoples lives than drugs ever will, yet no one is up in arms that this evil liquid is readily available. I do not drink alcohol but I don't lead a charge to get it banned nor do I ostracize people who enjoy a drop of the Vino. The 'war on drugs' is not working, it is only making matters worse. It is about time that we stopped this silliness and adopted a new approach. The worldwide decriminalization of weed, which is a very effective medicine, would be a good start.
  6. Wrong in your mind? Read Thaidream's post above, he has the best answer.
  7. At least we can agree on this point, it just does not stack up in your favour. Far more lives are ruined by drink than drugs. Why are alcoholics always so quick to defend their disgusting habit?
  8. So you obviously don't drink then?
  9. Yes, they could occupy their minds by being a busy body and trying to dictate how others should live their lives. Why are the two posters above me so worried about something that does not affect their lives?
  10. Agreed, and the smaller the better.
  11. Presuming that the workshop disconnected the battery when they were working on your vehicle, I would say that the problem is with the throttle body. Once the battery has been disconnected , the engine must relearn its idle and fuel trim strategy for optimum driveability and performance. To reset the throttle body is usually an easy task and the details for carrying out the oppersation your vehicle can be easily found on Google.