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  1. If go through an agency it'll be from the day I get the 30 day extension, if I go to the Thai embassy in Savannakhet, Laos and do it myself it'll be a few days before the 30 day extension runs out. I didn't know you could apply for a 60 day visa to visit a Thai spouse, do you know what paperwork you'd need to apply for that? Thanks for your help
  2. A couple of weeks ago the school I was working at fired me for a one day absence when I had to fly to KL as my Non B visa had expired. I had been sick the week before but had called in everyday and notified them, the day I flew to KL I didn't get the chance to notify them as I flew out early. I received a letter of termination today claiming as I'd been absent without notification from the 8th March to 16th March without notifying the school this was the reason for me being fired, this is untrue as they told me on the 7th March they were terminating my employment. My question is will I need the letter of termination to get a 30 day extension on my current 30 day tourist visa and I intend to apply for a Non O marriage visa after that, will I also need to show it to apply for that? I realize now the school didn't have sufficient grounds to fire me, so just waited for a week until the terms of the contract were broken. Thanks Maca