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  1. lol and who in here follows the rules?? Let's start from the government...
  2. I always imagined the money flow is Farang -> Hooker -> "Poor farmer family" So the billions over 40+ years goes from "Poor farmer families" where?
  3. Study... how much you give us?? How much? You let regular people earn money, you bad bad!! It takes money from hard working government (mafia)
  4. I always wonder why Isaan isn't high tech farming community with quality EU equipment? Considering how much $$$ £££ went there over the past 40? years...
  5. Fit, reasonable good looking young male has it so freaking easy here... I had "fun" with dozens in Bangkok (no hookers, strictly free of charge) while searching for something serious. There is plenty of money grabbers and also decent girls. Long story short I've found an awesome girl, we are both in 20s with me being 5 years older. One and half year later I can't imagine that it wouldn't last. She is uni educated, very hot (getting compliments from farangs and Thais all the time) and there are no marks of this being a "financial transaction" It just takes time and effort...