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  1. Funny guy not being able to combat the points i state you you make it personal. nice Ad_hominem,
  2. No you fail to see that his demise is of his own doing.. no crime no stick to hit him. They could try.. but it would not work. He would have had enough cloud to combat it all. But he was corrupt .. broke the law many times and they used it against him. You like to make it out like the poor guy was setup and its political.. it is NOT.. it would have been political if the crimes were minor or made up. He gave them a gun and loaded it for them.
  3. I think the problem is you fail to see that the crimes are real and without them the enemies would have no stick to hit him. You are not denying his guilt, so why let him go ?. Just because others have gotten away with it does not mean he has to get away with it too. You fail to see this and call it political. I only call things political if things are a setup or if the crimes are really minor like in Anwar his case. Don't forget Thaksin is charged in a case where co defendants got up to 18 years.. I know your definition of minor is real wide but even you could not call that minor. Anyway I give up.. you fail to see that without his crimes he would not have any problems at all.
  4. Trivial.. massive corruption. Talk about downplaying something.
  5. Yes its hardly worth debating with someone who equals gay sex with massive corruption. Its also hard to debate with someone who skips all the questions. He would never have had the problems if he did not break the law.. and the laws he broke were not minor at all like Anwar. Next time your comparing him with Ghandi.
  6. Why would I give them alm food I am an atheist. I would not donate to a church or cut of some heads for the Islam (joke)
  7. Lets make it easy for you. If he was not corrupt and had not abused his power he would not have any problems. He caused his own problems without it they could not bring him down. Are you suggesting he should not be prosecuted because others are not too ? Do you prefer a criminal to walk because an other gets off ? I prefer one in jail over 0. Guess we got different morals. He is guilty and should pay. That others get off is bad but no reason to let him go. And comparing Anwar his charges with those of Thaksin.. you are trying to make them less then they are.. naughty boy.
  8. The political card is boring. He broke the law and gets punished. It would be political if he was set up. Sure others are not prosecuted and that is wrong but that does not make him innocent.
  9. The half life is 8 days. Better to inject 125mg per week then 250 per 2 weeks.
  10. Are his crimes real or not. Is he setup or did he break the law ? Just a simple reply.. yes or no.
  11. Even if a lot of it is motivated politically that leaves enough things that are not and show how corrupt the guy is and that he deserves to be in jail. None of these charges are made up, they are all valid. That they go after him because he is not liked does not make it political.. it does not change that the crimes he committed are real however much you might want to think different. If we both drive through red and I get stopped and you are not does that make me innocent too ? or are we both guilty and you were just lucky to get away with it. The crimes are real.. the prosecution might be based on who he is.. but that does not change the crimes. In a perfect world everyone get prosecuted and jailed for the crimes. But I still prefer that some go to jail for real crimes then none at all. Because that is what many Shin supporters suggest. let him go because others are not held accountable. Id say.. don't do the crime then you wont be convicted of stuff. At least now at least some politicians will be less corrupt because they know what can happen if they fall out of grace.. if there is no punishment ever for the politicians then the corruption would be far worse then it is now.
  12. I cleaned the spots and they are really not much more as pin pricks where heavy items have struck the tiles. After that i used the sealer from toa and I will see what happens after cleaning. Just did a few of the spots to begin with will see how it works out.
  13. I don't really what side she was on, just happy she got punished. But the punishment is a bit too harsh, I really hope they get some of the money back that she gained from corruption. That would be a far better deterrent, losing money and freedom not just freedom. However in Thailand its so easy to hide money without a trace.
  14. That is always the problem they don't seem to do that .. just go after the people who bought it and or miss used it. Its the officials that allow the abuse too.
  15. who is she an enemy off then ? Was she a ally of Thaksin ? I have no knowledge about her allies just what she has done and that is has been proven she is corrupt. So I am happy she got punished.