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  1. Are you kidding? It sounds like a right snoozefest. I'm more a John Le Carré man myself...
  2. So you complain about a book you have not read and nor shall you. You then remark about its release date. It actually must take a good while to secure a publishing contract, write the book, print it, then organise a launch, not to mention the distribution of it to retail outlets. The logistics aren't exactly the same as posting a brainfart on Twitter or Thaivisa. And the military were unaware all this time? And then you want to know who is behind it. How about an opinion on the actual raid and whether or not you approve of a military preventing a book launch they obviously were aware of in advance. That is after all the subject at hand.
  3. "and that the book might contain issues that could instigate unrest." So they don't know, but let's just shut the launch down anyway.
  4. Outbound and inbound passengers are segregated too - How would you get from the Departures area downstairs to Arrivals?
  5. No it isn't. It is "Toppling the Rice Pledging Scheme is Killing the Farmers”.
  6. Just as well it wasn't a comedy event. If there is one thing tyranny hates more than books, it is laughter...
  7. Actually the red v yellow thing was not on my mind, really, when I wrote that. I was just thinking back to the immediate aftermath of the coup and some of the comments: "They can shove democracy somewhere where the sun don't shine!!" "Democracy, democracy, just a load of hypocracy" "Democracy is one of the WORST forms of government. It's life is as short as it's end is violent. It ALWAYS devolves into MOBocracy. It is actually an intermediate step towards Communism." "God has blessed Thailand with a coup" They walk among us...
  8. Ah, now I see your point. However I feel the reality is far worse - There are a number of people on here who are all for dictatorship, arbitrary laws and human rights violations, just as long as they are sitting nice and cosily and it doesn't bite them personally on the backside...
  9. Aren't the junta still banned from setting foot in Australia?
  10. An attitude which perfectly encapsulates why there is so much discontent and animosity out there: It is because of condescending flapdoodle like that. Take a bow.
  11. Come on, then...? You are the man who does the one liners, after all...
  12. He should avoid any charge of aiding a criminal on the run because Thaksin is not on the run. He is possibly guilty of other nefarious deeds, but 'Aiding a criminal on the run' is not one of them.
  13. There is a difference between being conscripted to serve one's country in the army and being conscripted to serve the army. I am against either but that is not a matter for this thread.
  14. There is no doubt whatsoever that it was a dreadful crime. However put yourself in the place of a good number of these market traders. Working in frequently hot and dirty conditions, never quite enough money to pay the bills so fearful of what tomorrow will bring, customers draped in gold and driving SUVs haggling over a few coins they are only going to dump in the ashtray and forget about... It is enough to bring out the worst in anyone, eventually.
  15. Against: We can't afford them. We don't actually need them. They're crap. They cost a fortune to maintain and run. For: 'I say we're having them and that's that.' Yes, it all makes perfect sense when you think about it...