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  1. Not really been a true Chippy since Charlie departed, a few have tried but Charlie was the Master. john
  2. In CM's cool season the water is cold especially during the morning. As the climate warms up the water warms. Later in the day is better for warm water. john Try
  3. "speeds are only guaranteed domestically. " Very True Sir. Thai visa was one of the slower connecting. I am prepared to pay a fair price B1280 for 100 Down & 40 Up, I know when I have a good connection and when I don't. Up to them, buyers market I will suggest. john
  4. May I assume you are an experienced Motorcycle user ? If not do not take up riding in Chiang Mai. In my early days here I used to take Brunch in a decent place. Thai Lady owner cum cook. I used to watch 'Backpackers' as we called them then, not politically acceptable now I understand. Anyway most of these backpackers had no idea and I could have laugh with my meal. Isn't the shop owner bothered about what damage they can do to his bikes. No, he has their passports and he either gets full repair or New Bike so no problem. Explained all his new bikes. john We live and learn.
  5. I have both car and scooter. I use Uber when I am going out for a drink. Nothing beats the aircon luxury of a Chauffeur driven motor and i have found all my UBER drivers good with decent English skills. john
  6. Speed test hum! 3bb Speedtest and Ookla both give high readings but HTML5 speed test gives low reading. Myself I am not impressed by Figures I am a USER and I know when I have a slow connection. It's like our Smog season. My eyes tell me when we have smog I am not impressed by the figures and graphs which so many swear by/at. john
  7. I have tried about five different internet providers in the 16 years I have been here. All start off good then slowly slip. Si Net has slipped faster than any other. I know the office staff have no power but the person today was exceptionally bad with attitude. Either they buck up or simply new internet connection for April. john
  8. My connection 100 down 40 up has been playing up all week. I have just been to the local office to pay for another month and TRIED complaining about the connection. Yes not so good and big smile. I am paying for good connection. Try phoning. 1147 is just wait. Big Smile try KSK. You phone now. I have told them either it's sorted or Bye Bye. john
  9. North Sea Oil was squandered on UK. London is the Big earning area in the UK, has been for years and will be for years to come and London's wealth is squandered on all of UK. john
  10. Maggie slapped down the left wing and they will do all they can to ruin her name. I remember a couple of years back on day of her funeral. The left had decided on massive protest, yet on the day they were as quiet as a church mouse. The Socialist never stop trying to bring their twisted policies to the fore. Jeremy Corbin is the modern day example of what they would do given power. Borrow and the next generation can pay for the money they would throw away. john
  11. Many years ago a French 'Pop Star' electrocuted himself when changing a light bulb while stood in the water of his bath. The modern version of that event. john Who has 'Shocked' himself more than once.
  12. Tony of Yummy Pizza did his version of Irish Stew for me. A luvverly Lamb Shank cooked with Potato, excellent. john
  13. I served 23 years in The Army. Never did I see or hear of jocks being victimised by their Welsh, Irish or English comrades. Every English man I knew however had tales of being given a hard time in the Jock regiments, Mash Bast ard being a strange ethnic insult. Most of my better mates where jocks, I got along with their down to earth attitude. England formed the Union when the wealthy Scots bankrupted themselves and their country over the Darian adventure in the 18th Century, Could 5 million folk have a successful economy, based on Whisky and Oil ? I will go to my grave saying it's a socialist (Communist) plot and Sturgon/Salamond need to get real. john Thank you Maggie for saving UK..
  14. I am doing UK via Hong Kong with Dragon Air & Cathy Splash for this year, beats my usually week - 10 days lock away. john
  15. What is the name for the area above ? The reason I asked is that back in 2002 , the year after I came to live in CM a family friend came to CM on a holiday. I did not know the guy a former UK Police Inspector and he booked into the Prince Hotel. I met him on his second day in town and he had been for a walkabout in the streets round the corner from the Prince. He was disgusted by what he saw. He even found a Gay place which sent him over the top. Not a nice report on CM when he got back to my UK home town. john But I am very broad minded. 555.