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  1. A prime example is the laws about pedestrian crossings - asks 5 cops and you'll get 5 different answers, including: - All vehicles must stop when they see pedestrians starting to cross and must wait until the pedestrian(s) have safely reached the other side. To... - Vehicles are not required to stop, it's just a place where pedestrians can gather to wait in a group, to cross together when there's no traffic. This subject seems to come up regularly with new exchange students from Europe (mostly German) make a comment about 'cars don't stop'. On a couple of occasions Thai students have called the LTO and a police agency on speaker phone, and they got the above answers and more. On one occasion a Thai student called her uncle, a very senior cop, his response was that 'there is no law on this subject' and further, 'it would be nice if the pedestrians waited for a gap in traffic so that they don't disrupt traffic flow'.
  2. Proves again that both small and very large corruption is still present everywhere and it's going to take a lot of very hard work and lots of time to change the mindset let alone stop the corruption. IMHO without massive changes in the systems involved and very severe punishments there will be no progress. And I wonder if the NACC is up to the task.
  3. True. Actually my Thai adult son once, jokingly, suggested someone should use her character for a TV show.
  4. "Thais jump the red lights all the time with impunity and I have never heard of one being taken to court for it." I have, our old very loud mouth illogical aunty does this all the time and at speed and she's caused several accidents, luckily none have been fatal. And she's totally refused to pay medical bills etc of people she's injured. In one case the local senior cop came and took another vehicle she owned (an expensive almost new Toyota sedan) and sold it and used the cash to pay medical bills and repair bills of her victims. When stopped she tells the policeman (and the driver of the other vehicle): 'You don't know the law, which says that if someone in the car is a government employee or a relative of a government employee you have 5 extra seconds after the light has gone red.' And she has more illogical 'laws' she trots out when needed. And she has the ability to construct new illogical laws on the spot as needed. Additionally she says (illogical) that there is no law about driving, 'it's up to you and the police can't stop you from doing what you want to do'. Bottom line: - She's been fined several times for going through a red light and for using her phone while driving. - She's been fined by the senior cop at 2 police stations, 10,000Baht for being abusive to the police. - 99% of her immediate and extended family refuse to get in her car and refuse to let her get in their car, because she continuously yells at the driver to do things which are illegal and dangerous. - When family members have renovations or similar done, if she turns up she is ordered off the premises immediately before she has a chance to start abusing the workmen. - There is ongoing family collusion to deliberately tell her wrong dates for wedding parties etc., to keep her away.
  5. Further, in my country of origin, everybody is well aware of the need for safety measures and automatically follows the safety rules, in most cases no need for the driver to ask people to buckle up. The difference is effective education, starting at a very young age.
  6. And deliberately very biased in a certain direction...
  7. In fact a straight forward and correct comment, no wit involved.
  8. You say that the Thai passport is broken, I guess by saying broken you mean it's damaged and can't be used. So why not take the damaged Thai passport and any other documents you do have to a Thai passport office and ask for a replacement?
  9. Search the internet / buy on line and a 3 day / 1 week or whatever policy is not all that expensive. Why the MOPH fail to mention insurance?
  10. No I don't and I didn't suggest that I did. I just stated my opinion that I wouldn't trust either of them, nothing more than that.
  11. Some points: 1. If the Thai government provide support to bring her home (and it's reported she's in ICU so that possibly means a full medical evacuation) then they must give the same support to any Thai national who needs such support to return to Thailand. Have they said free? 2. Did she personally arrange any medical insurance before he went to S. Korea?. 3. I get the feeling she's on some type of exchange program, if true, does her Thai university or the exchange university in S. Korea have a compulsory requirement that such students must have medical insurance. My Uni here in Bangkok does have such a policy and there are Thai students on exchange in S. Korea, Germany and other countries. Most of the German universities insist on seeing a medical insurance policy before they give final approval for off-shore students to come to Germany. Opposite way around, the German students who come here must have medical insurance or their home uni. in Germany won't approve their exchange program.
  12. This is the guy who was the minister in charge of economic matters and just watched the economy collapse and had no idea what to do to fix it.
  13. Could also be just a ploy to create the scenario that she's important and she can set the pace. Been done a millon times before.