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  1. Smart? He has got things done in his business because he is the guy with the money. He's not smart. He is supposed to be a leader bringing people together but his bullying big mouth gets in the way. He does not have the intelligence to do that and even after being sat on his backside by his own people still hasn't learnt by what he is saying above about the Democrats, with wanting their support but "when they become civilised". Jeez.... One cannot even say unbelievable about this train wreck as you could see it coming before he was even elected...the house, senate and presidency under their control and all they can say is teething troubles...
  2. Has there been a country leader apart from Abe that has felt comfortable with the huckster. Guess it's all part of making Murica grate again.
  3. Joan of Arc or not, watching from the other side of the world the British lady PM is strikingly miles ahead of all others worldwide of what we would all vote for. Very impressed by the cut of her jibe.
  4. No us non Muricanos' dont want that. This is the best entertainment show of the modern era. It also gives the rest of us comfort that no matter how bad we think our leaders might be we only have to look at the US and know that some have if even worse.
  5. The latest Rasmussen (which some say has a Republician bias) taken yesterday now has him at 51% approval, so he is on a huge downward spiral even on his one safe poll of a week or so ago that he is reciting. So it is bad news on all fronts as he slides lower into the most unfavourable ratings of a USA president that soon after election. The only favourable that is showing through is his key voter base is till predominately in favour of him, which is leading to the opinion that he does not really care what the rest think and that as long as he keeps spinning the bull crap to his voters of how great he is in his image to keep them in their mushroom state than that is all that matters to him.
  6. What is becoming interesting all through this Trump fiasco is that everything seems to be the 'White House" (read the Trumpster) says this and that but all we hear from the major Republican players Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell is "decline to comment". Geez it would be awesome to listen in on some of their private conversations right now. Its as if nobody can hear the train shouting to Sparky "right front wheel, right front wheel" as this train wreck careers out of control. Geez in some ways it is awesome that the Trumpster won as we would not have had this level of sheer stupidity and pure entertainment if Hillary had. So I suppose one should look at the whole mess with humour cause at least that Murican great Walt Disney will be smiling down as in his wildest dreams he would never have invisaged Donald and Mickey running the good ole US of A.
  7. I think what most commentators are missing is it is not republican versus democrat appointed judges decisions but as it should be judges ruling on law. If presented in its current format to the Supreme Court then it would no surprise to see it again defeated 8 zip.
  8. Accepting that you did say the links were nothing to do with terrorism the thread line has gone to crime and right away from a "militant attack" which is what Trump was parroting and what the article is about which with this line of thought then tries to put justification in Trumps comments which are just not there.
  9. Oh dear...The Trumpser has been trumped. No doubt he will confirm that they are all bias republicans and are not patriotic for not doing what he the great redeemer has ordered.
  10. It is great to see the courts finally give this obvious judgement. And well done to the fellow handful of posters on this thread who at the time debated against the odds that Thaksin was the mastermind behind the terrorism activities being unleashed by the UDD, the Men in Black and Redshirts on Thailand and the people of Bangkok. And not only against Abhisit's government but also against the peaceful protestors under the reign of Thaksin's stool pidgeon Yingluck and his thug Charlem. While the current Junta government is far from desirable and cops endless criticism it beats the pants off the mafia Shinawatra's and their need for murdering citizens just because they would not bow to them. It is a joy to travel through Issan these days and not be subject to the North Korean type gratification of leaders having giant posters of themselves.
  11. What is also concerning is reports are now coming through that in his phone call to the the Aussie PM today he lost his cool and blow off the Aussies who are the USA's closest friend and ally. Trump is very quickly isolating the US not only from what can be considered its foes but also its friends. We are all (including the US) going to be dealing with some hurt thanks solely to Trump.
  12. The Mexicans should get rid of more of their undesirables before Trump puts up his American tax payer funded great Wall.
  13. In the case of Manning I would be p!ssed as US commander in chief but as a world citizen happy with what occurred. Hero or villain? Depends where you sit. Just some one making a moral judgement. Outcome of doing some time then getting a pardon seems a fair call from either side you look at it.
  14. Americans see what she (he) did as treason, yet us non Americans see the action of the chopper gun ship and more so the disturbing comments from the crew as just more artrocities that the Americans have been carrying out on a regular basic with immunity since and including Vietnam. Perhaps its the embarrassment that President Obama released her on. Regardless well done Manning for having the then balls to stand up against such blantant war crimes.
  15. Agree that it doesn't matter when a fraudulent election is held as in Thailand whether it's a military or obliguary government they are both BS in governance failure thereafter. I guess what has been pleasant over the last two years under the junta is at least Thais are only killing themselves at the usual method of driving and drunk etc. and not like under the obliguary rule or treasonous attempts at grabbing rule of the Shinawatra scumbags where they were dying for political believe. Aussies and principles? Now you are really taking the p!ss