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  1. Charlie also went couple of years back to the chippy in the sky but was a frequent visitor at the location featured.
  2. Air Asia, Nok and Thai all connect but first 2 may be point to point but all arrive around 2000. Preferred Vietnam Airlines from BKK due to mid afternoon arrival time and 2,800baht one way fare decent also so booked Thai from Chiang Mai and will have to check back in. Cheers folks.
  3. Bangkok to Hanoi will be with Vietnam Airlines and wondering if anyone knows what airline I can fly Chiang Mai to BKK to allow through connection. I.e. Clear immigration in Chiang Mai and not have to exit BKK and check back in. Thanks
  4. Nothing cryptic there. She still owns Nest but has relocated. Simple as that.
  5. Think you'll find the person in question has relocated to Mae Rim.
  6. I started a thread a few days back about the development in Inle and how disappointed I was with the change since my previous visit 6 years prior and doubt very much I will return but for a first time visitor Inle is ideal. 6 years back there were few visitors but now something like a ten fold increase in tourist numbers has happened so hotels along with Italian, French, Indian, Thai restaurants and others had to appear but there is still plenty of room for further expansion which will undoubtedly occur but don't be put off. Getting up at the crack of dawn to jump a long tail boat to beat the masses to the markets (which rotate location on a daily basis) is great fun and once the hordes arrive simply head out to any of the numerous attractions that dot the lake. A dedicated boat will cost you around 400-600baht depending on market location and for that you get around 5 hours of enjoyment but it's all a matter of what the individuals interest are. Some people adore Bagan but to me once was very much enough and I'll never revisit. Just do your research and match what is on offer to your requirements. Regarding hotels in Mandalay I use the Link78 which is excellent and includes decent breakfast, both Asian and Western, but it's around 2,500baht. For Yangon I am out of date as its been 3 years and like Inle numerous hotels will have appeared since my visit. Bagan was even further back so again can't help. i wouldn't book airfares now but do keep an eye out for Bangkok Airways offers which do come around. best of luck.
  7. Not a problem. I have been to Burma 8 times now and never need any pressure to head there again. Love the place and still so much to explore. Just one point to be aware of when planning trips there. Domestic flights rarely run on schedule due to milk run style routing and the later in the day the flight the more likely the delay. I just returned from Inle Lake, which by the way I would put ahead of both Bagan and Mandalay, and the mid afternoon 35minute flight was delayed over 2 hours so be careful if connecting with international flights. My Yangon tip: Include a visit to Chaukhtatgyi temple. Just fabulous to sit back for an hour and watch the local folk pay homage and far more impressive for me than Shwedagon. Anything else fire away.
  8. My take would be fly Bangkok Airways Chiang Mai to Yangon which will get you there shortly after midday. Take the rest of your first day and all second to take in the city. Start of day 3 fly to Bagan if that's your choice and spend that and half of day 4 taking in the sights and fly mid afternoon to Mandalay for early evening Bangkok Airways flight back to Chiang Mai. You don't have time for buses or boat trip but if you add the fifth day then either include the boat trip or take in the major Mandalay sights. If you fly Chiang Mai-Mandalay you won't arrive until 1720 so first day is lost. Grab an e visa for yourself and your Thai lady doesn't need a visa if flying in.
  9. Well at least you are forewarned. its still a reasonable town but the amount of change in a relatively short period of time amazed me. But I guess once our Chinese neighbours see an opportunity to make a few bob then up go their hotels to cater for their tourists in their buses and their restaurants but plenty of other tourists here also. Headed out to the market on the long tail boat this morning and must have seen literally another 50 boats buzzing tourists about where 6 years ago you would have only seen a handful. Would have loved to be here in 88 but stuck in Brazil back then. One thing that really pisses me off about Inle is you have to pay $10 admission fee!! Yup $10 up front to allow entry to spend considerably more on hotel/food/tours etc. Can't get me nut around that one. Enjoy
  10. Back in Burma once more for a return to Myitkyina to search out some hill tribe amber and as a way of keeping her that rules content agreed to a side trip to Inle as hadn't been there for 6 years. Back then there was no airport terminal whatsoever and the few taxis that were there assembled under a tree along with a mobile tea seller and Inle itself was just a slow paced town with a handful of travellers about. Well that ain't the case no more. Airport already big enough to handle jumbo jets every 10 minutes and still plenty more buildings going up. Guess they are considering A380 from China of course. And in that once so tranquil town herds of tour buses - I'll let you guess the occupants nationality, 15 story hotels not a stones throw from the market, banks every 10 paces, new buildings - hotels of course - going up everywhere, travel agencies galore and enough restaurants to accomodate an army or two. No make that 3. So hard to believe that this has happened in so little time. Oh well at least Myitkyina remains as before. Thankfully.
  11. Does anyone have the web site that monitors the fires across Asia? Was looking to head to the hills of extreme north of Vietnam up against the Chinese border April but need to check the weather situation first. thanks
  12. Thanks Richard.
  13. I have an e visa and declared Yangon as point of arrival and it's listed as such but now I want to fly into Mandalay. Any problem anticipated? I suspect not but just checking. Cheers
  14. Bit harsh ain't it? They are a small airline and no doubt don't have redundancy of aircraft so inevitably there will be cancellations but understand the lack of communication bit. i just flew round trip Chiang Mai-Hua Hin for 1,380baht which was an absolute bargain and flights were even on time.
  15. Kan Air also fly this route and bus service is to Central Festival I believe. There are also taxis available that would be cheaper and quicker than either of the Bangkok options.