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  1. Yes, it stops first at the BTS then continues to the Morchit bus terminal.
  2. http://www.consumerreports.org/cro/news/2014/06/are-portableair-conditioner-claims-a-lot-of-hot-air/index.htm
  3. Exactly! I take a van out to Rangsit every once in awhile. When they are speeding down the Don Muang Tollway at 130 there is a beeper that goes off every second or two. That's what GPS does. It requires the passengers to listen to the beeper when the van is speeding. Of course most of the drivers have muffled the beeper so it's not too loud to disturb them all day.
  4. Now I'm wondering if smoking cigarettes strongly increases the likelihood of getting lung cancer and why I believe that is true?
  5. I've never met anyone or read anyone that believes climate change is not real and also believes that health care or food security are human rights which the US government should attempt to provide to the poor. And I've never met anyone who believes climate change is not real and also supports legalized abortion. Etc. Maybe someone here can prove me wrong?
  6. Interesting! What's the relationship between climate change, food stamps and people with medical coverage?
  7. I always find it incredible that some people believe the translated stories they read in Thai newspapers as though they were facts. Sad!
  8. If only there was a British doctor with a Thai medical license who does work permit exams everyday (for 200 baht) who could quickly alleviate all your concerns. Oh well........
  9. Or Dr. Donna at Medconsult Asia. That would be the easiest and best solution. Just go see her. No need to stress about it. http://www.medconsultasia.com/
  10. Bumrangrad Hospital did not do a blood test when I got my work permit medical certificate there last year.
  11. It's not about the taste so they make it as inoffensive as possible. It's all about the brand identity. It's a beer designed to be marketed not to be drunk.
  12. I see UberX has quietly started service in Pattaya! Prices are higher than in Bangkok. Seems to start at 75 baht. I live in Bangkok and just checked it a couple times for various destinations. Anyone use it yet? Here is my code if anyone wants to try it for free or close to free. We each get 75 baht off two rides, I think. mm7n7 Put it in when you register.