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  1. Happy Birthday

  2. Ok, here are 2 words. ส่วนประกอบ - sawan pragob = ingredients เครื่องปรุง - kruangbroong = ingredients that add flavours (condiments) sugar/salt. anything that gives food its flavour. herbs, sauces, salt, pepper, fish sauce etc. example sentences น้ำพริกเเกงเป็นส่วนประกอบ ในการทำเเกงเผ็ด nam prik gang ben sawan pragob nai garn tam gang ped nam prik gang (chilli paste) is an ingredient that goes into making gang ped น้ำปลา น้ำตาล เเละ มะนาวเป็นเครื่องปรุงที่ทำให้น้ำเเกงมี่รสชาติที่ดีขึ้น nampla namdarn lae manow ben kruang broong ti tam hai nam gang mi rotchard tii dii kuun fish sauce, sugar and lemon are condiments that give curries such a great flavour. ITR
  3. No probs Meadish, I will add a breakdown and some definitions too. Thanks for the help (and to your girlfriend too) I did not know that ไม่มี เอา คืน = there will be no retaliation; revenge Can or could be used like that. I have always used it as (nothing to return) I like your translation though. But I reckon (not 100%) that if ไม่มี เอา คืน can be used as revenge I reckon it could be used as repeated. So how does this sound? Coach Rang insists that the disgraceful events that marred last nights game will not be repeated when they clash in the 2nd leg.(or next game) ITR
  4. Game 1 could better be translated as the first leg. Your right Bannork, Maybe like this.. After a disgraceful decision in last nights game coach Rang's plead for rematch is denied.
  5. Nice work Meadish, I will have a crack. A conclusion is expected for MP's on the lowering the Political Party affiliation time to a period of 30 days. Although the "political party affiliation" just doesnt sit well with me. I can't think of anything better myself (I am not a politics man) but it just is missing something I think. cheers ITR
  6. Hi guys, this is todays I just realised. I clicked on the link and had a go and realised after that it was not the same as yesterdays. I will have a go at that after. Anyway, here is todays. Bloody tough 1 methinks...I just put my own spin on it to make it sound more of an English heading. ชี้เหตุอัปยศถ่วงความเจริญ โค้ชหรั่งยันนัด2ไม่มีเอาคืน After a disgraceful decision in game 1 coach Rang's plead for rematch is denied. Again not a literal translation but after reading the story, this is the best I could come up with. I would love to hear others. Cheers ITR
  7. Shouldn't that be "too many chiefs and not enough indians"? ie too many people in charge and not enough people to actually do anything? Hey thanks for the correction Loong, I had them the wrong way around. See its not just Thai I make mistakes in, I struggle with English as well.
  8. Baby I don't care - Transvision Vamp
  9. After talking to the misses last night about some of her family issues. I was trying to say "too many indians and not enough chiefs" or "too may cooks spoil the broth" and she just didn't get it when I tried to give it a literal translation. But after explaining it to her she came back with มากหมอมากความ mark mor mark kwarm ( so too many doctors, too much imformation) would be the Thai equivelant to it. I asked her much this is used and she said not alot, but than I guess even in English or idioms arent used all that frequently either. Does any use this often or hear it often? ITR
  10. Thanks for that - good to see this thread still going. Reminds me of 'hua laan dai wee' which means 'useless' too. 'hua laan' means bald, and 'wee' means comb. Kinda like as much use as a chocolate teapot or an ashtray on a motorbike. I like that Neeranam, about as pointless as fly screens in a submarine..
  11. Here is an Idiom that I heard today... เลือดข้นกว่าน้ำ Blood is thicker than water. It has a nice literal translation as well. ITR
  12. We're just doing our bit to help promote the CR forum... in an innocent and fun way. If you don't like it we'll piss off and leave you alone... up2U. here here There are plenty of other topics in the CR forum to read if you dont like having a bit of fun.
  13. No haze this morning, but it was bloody cold.
  14. I heard this used for the first time today. I like it alot ปล่อยไก่ bloy gai I am guessing the ปล่อย part of it comes from ปลดปล่อย to be free (released) and ไก่ as we know is chicken. I asked what the meaning was and I was told it's when เเสดงความโง่ออกมา so Its like "an act of stupity or madness" I think the English saying is "an act of stupidty" but I am not 100% what the English equivilent is. Maybe a Thai or someone who knows could explain how ปล่อยไก่ can be used when someone เเสดงความโง่ออกมา cheers ITR
  15. Yes Bark warn is used as sweet talker. Someone who says all the right things. Someone who says something nice to get something in return. For example one person has all the beer and you want a glass. If you say something like "gee you look young and lovely today" (just to get the beer) more than likely she will say Bark warn. ITR never heard of it.. nice one ( I will watch my pronounciation too)